Thursday, September 02, 2010


One quick note about garlands - I had to close the orders for a bit to make sure I could keep up with them - but I've heard that there are still some who are interested.

God has provided a friend to help me - so if you are still interested in ordering garlands - please send me an e-mail!

Thank you for your sweet interest in this God idea!


Anonymous said...

What kind of Garlands can I order?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Easter Garland
Christmas Garland

Have a request for something else? I'll happily see what I can do! I already had a request for the Wisdom garland that I showed last week and could do that too.

Thanks for your interest!

Blessed Beyond a doubt.... said...

Where do I order and how do I pay?


Beth Niquette said...

What kind of garlands???

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Beth,

There is a link in my post to another post explaining all about the Christmas and Easter garlands.

I've had a request for a Fall themed one too - so am working on something for that.


Heather said...

If its not to late I would love both a fall and a Christmas one.
Just let me know how to pay.


Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Heather,

Couldn't find any way of contacting you - so hope you'll see this!

Great - I can add you to our list. I have about 40 orders ahead of yours, so just being honest - it will be a few weeks :)

You can either mail me a check or I can send you an invoice via Pay Pal.

Thanks for your interest!