Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School: Wisdom

Continuing in sharing about beginning school here in our home - I have also been thinking a lot about wisdom.
Proverbs 24:3-4, "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."
I've been thinking a lot about the above verse. I want my home to be built on a foundation of wisdom. And, I want our lives to mirror that. As I am raising these children to know and love the Lord - wisdom is of utmost importance.

I explained wisdom to my children as knowing the difference between right and wrong, knowing how to make good choices, learning to follow God and His ways and having understanding of His ways.

We read this verse together and I provided things from nature for us to create "wisdom" pictures in worship on our first day of school.

I was also reminded of this verse ~

Luke 2:40, "And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom,
and the grace of God was upon Him."

We sang this to music (from this cd). It is my heart's desire that my children would grow in this same way as Jesus did - that they would follow His example.

Read Proverbs 4 for more encouragement in seeking and investing wisdom in our lives and the lives of our children!


~katie~ said...

Love it! Yes, wisdom is the foundation!! Love the verses and lesson and the captured memory with nature pictures...wonderful! A memorable first day of school!

Lauren(In Savannah) said...

We homeschool also and when you were talking about listening to a Christian cd with the kids it reminded me about about how a few years ago my 19 year old intoduced us to a Christian radio station. The station is Air 1 . (I also enjoy Hisradio...which is a little less rock and roll-lol) I have 2 teens and 2 littles and instead of my children's hearts being permeated with ungodly things we hear words of hope,and praise to God. One of the most touching things that happened lately is at our homeschool co-op I walked into a room where the little kids were watching an end of the year slide show and I could hear little voices praising God singing along to the contemporary Christian song in the background.

Anonymous said...

what a great way to start the school year! And now, I will be singing Steve Green all morning :-D
Praying for your homeschool this year. My daughter will be starting after Labor Day and I am very privileged to be praying for her as well...establish well the works of their hands Lord. In His Grip, Lynnebee

Liz said...

We love Hide 'Em In Your Heart! My daughter is getting vol 2 for her upcoming birthday. Sounds like your school year has gotten off to a good start.

Greg and Donna said...

Oh my goodness...the Lord led me to that verse 3 years ago. I printed it out and its been on my fridge ever since. Its my "homeschool verse" as it expresses so well the wisdom I want my home built on, based on, learned every single day.