Monday, October 19, 2009

Daughters of His Story & A Giveaway!

I'm excited to share something new with you today! One of the blogs I subscribe to is Emily Rose's blog - I love her heart for the Lord! She is younger than me, but I admire her walk with Him. She is one of those young ladies you look at and want to be like and want your daughters to be like, because of Jesus shining in and through her.

Emily Rose and her sister, Breezy, have recently created these beautiful paper dolls! Several things I love about these are:

~ they are modestly dressed
~ they model inner beauty and godly character
~ the women they chose have impacted history for God's glory

I also love the name ~ Daughters of His Story! We had a pastor that used to refer to history as His story and I have always appreciated that perspective. I just ordered a full set of these for my little ladies. Even though they are a bit young for them now, this is the kind of thing I want to have available to them when they are a bit older. And, I was not approached to share this with you - I asked if I could!

I love to support the ideas that God gives His people and this is no exception. Plus, I will admit that I am eager to learn more about these women and their godly character too! And, I'm thrilled with the fact that these young ladies were home schooled as well!

Character qualities like encouragement, diligence and hospitality are among those explored in the women showcased here.

After receiving permission to share their lovely new paper dolls, they also offered a wonderful giveaway! These would be wonderful for young ladies!

Here's the scoop ~

~ leave a comment here by Thursday, October 22nd at 10pm Eastern time
~ make sure to include your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you (international commenters welcome as well)!
~ just for fun, I'd love to hear what character trait you'd love to be remembered for as we are celebrating the character of how these women are remembered
~ and, it would be fun to hear which collection is your favorite
~ three winners will be chosen by random number generator on Friday, October 23
~ each winner will receive one set of two paper dolls from Noble Rose Press
~ keep these in mind for gift giving!


Mary Ann said...

Oh, our 8 year old niece would love a set of these! I think I'd choose Collection 3 for her.

Character trait: There are so many but the first one that came to my mind was kindness.

Thanks for the chance to win!

maryannshouse at gmail dot com

Mama C said...

The paperdolls are lovley. I have 2 young ladies who would enjoy them greatly. I think I would choose Collection 2.

Character Trait...but the greatest of these is love. To love with a Christ like love is my heart's desire.

Ami said...

I've just glanced at this so far, but it looks so lovely, and I'm 250 pages into a biography of Abigail Adams!

Stephanie said...

My girls would love those! I truly like all the collections, but I think the one with Pocahontas would be a big hit here. :) My character trait would probably be enduring ... finishing well with Christ, without complaint.

Jackie said...

I think my daughter would really enjoy these. I think my daughter would like collection 3 the best followed by 2 and then 1.

Character trait: There are so many, but I think love and kindness would be the top 2 for me.


Kelly said...

I like Collection 2 because my daughter is studying Native Americans. My trait that I would be remembered for is hospitality. Thanks for finding these.

Michelle said...

Ooh, my daughter would love these! I especially like Collection 3. :)

I'd like to be remembered for my hospitality and sharing Christ's love with other.

Lucy said...

They are adorable. Paper dolls are so charming. I like the collection with Pocahantas, as when I was little I was fascinated by her story. I would most like to be remembered for "devotion", to the Lord, to the Church, to my loved ones - so often I feel half-hearted and seek true devotion welling up in me. It would be good to leave a legacy of virtue lived out to my descendants. My children would have such fun with this - I just have a boy of 5 and a girl of 2, but we have another family in mind to share with - many little girls there! (we live in England btw)

Mrs. K said...

I have been eyeing these ever since they were published. I'm so glad you're sharing these. I would like to be remembered for my hospitality and I like the set with Abigail Adams in it. Alas, I have three boys but would love to gift a set to my neice for Christmas.

katielovesdano said...

These are wonderful! I would love my little girls to have these. My favorite collection is #3, as my family dates back to coming on the Mayflower! It would be great to show my kids this part of history. I would most like to be remembered for the character traits of gentleness and hospitality (two things God is still working on in me!) Thanks for this offer.

asnipofgoodness said...

Oh how Haven would love these! My favorite is collection one, as we have been learning about both of their husbands in recent days.

The character trait oooh hard question. I'll have to think on that one a while.

Thanks for sharing Monica, great product!

A JoyFilled Life said...

My little ladies enjoy paper dolls! Collection 3 is my first thought. Thank you for introducing us to Noble Rose Press.

Two character traits, joy & gentleness.

joyfulmarme at gmail dot com

Jan said...

My two little grandaughters would love these. Maybe they'll remember their "Nana" as being kind.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to be remembered for kindness. I would choose the first set. Being a Lutheran, I *have* to choose Luther's wife, Katherina von Bora. :-) She was a very brave and faithful woman who excelled in hospitality. (I wonder why they chose to use her maiden name and not her married name?)

Thank you!


angie said...

I love that these paper doll collections come with a biography. In looking over the collections, I think that number 2 was most interesting.
My daughter(and I) would love to play with these.
I most want to be remembered as having a servant's heart.

Liz T. said...

These are all great collections, but I think #3 is definitely my favorite, especially in time for Thanksgiving! I know a little girl who would love these... :)

Generosity is definitely a valuable character trait and one that I would love to be remembered by.

Anonymous said...

i like all of the dolls! set number 2 is my fav i guess. for character trait- i'd say hospitality becuz it's something we are working on now.

April said...

These are such beautiful dolls and such a wonderful concept. I love each collection. I'd probably start with Abigail Adams and Sarah Edwards, though.

As for character trait -- I wish it could be longsuffering/ patience, but since that is unlikely to happen, I'll say gentleness.

Bonnie said...

I saw those on their blog a few weeks ago, and thought they were great!
I like collection 2 the best, personally.
I would love the chance to win them!
Character trait-? Does cooking count?


a said...

I love these, what a great idea!
The traits I think of are love and faith.
I love the set number 3, 2 women from different culture living God's story. this is so amazing

Julie Willis said...

We just love these too! They did such a beautiful job. All 4 of my girls would love these!

Character trait:patience and kindness. That's 2, but those are the ones we're usually working at.

Again, Emily and Breezy did a beautiful job. The Lord has truly given them a gift.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica:
Thanks for sharing these with us! The character trait I would like to be remembered for (and the main one I struggle with) is graciousness. Since Natalie and I just studied Pocahontas I think I would like Collection 3.


Jen said...

Thank you SO much for telling us about these! My favorite would be Collection #2!!!!! I would love to win one of these for my 8 year old daughter, Emilee. She LOVE paperdolls. And if I don't win, I'll be keeping them in mind as a gift to purchase for her.


Ashley said...

Thank you for your beautiful blog. It inspires me with the wonder of God in the simple and lovely. I would love to have Abbigal Adams and Sarah Edwards for my nine year old daughter. I would like to be remembered for my love, wonder and amazement of Jesus.


Kimberly Carpenter said...

These are so pretty! I really love collection #2 best, but they are all gorgeous. I LOVED paper dolls as a young girl. I would love these for my daughter.

Character trait: I would love to be remembered for my hospitality to others. It is also something I am trying to work on right now. :)

Jodie said...

These are wonderful! I would love to use them as a tool for teaching my daughter as she grows by God's grace into a godly woman one day. I would choose Collection 1 first.

Character trait? Love. 1 Cor. 13 makes clear that love encompasses so many things that I want to live out to those around me by God's grace and for His glory!

Davonne said...

I love the second set best because it has Abigail Adams (a writer!) in it. My daughter would probably choose the third set because it has Pocahontas in it.

Character traits I would like to be remembered for would be gentleness and faithfulness, among many others.

My daughter loves paper dolls and would play with these often.

Thanks so much for the opportunity!

DavonneMarie @ HighPCS . com

Angel said...

would pick collection 2. My daughters name is Abigail :)
Plus I greatly admire both those women!

Kendra Fletcher said...

Lovely giveaway. Thanks!

I do like the Pocohantas/Priscilla Mullins set but only because my daughters seem to be very into those women's lives right now.

Character trait- hmmmm- well, I think I'll be known for being hard working, but I'd like to think I'd really developed a firm grasp on compassion.

JStacie said...

Set # 2. I would like them to learn love and diligence.

Sharon said...


Thank you for entering me :) These are wonderful! I would have loved these so much growing up and would love a chance to win them for my niece.

the Character Trait I would like to be known for is :Faithfulness. of course I could think of alot more!

Have a blessed day Monica and thank you!


Tania said...

I love Collection 2.
Character trait: Gracious

Great giveaway. (-:
sethandtania at hotmail dot com

Jill said...

Just adorable! I would choose collection 2 first. The character trait love.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. My 10 year old would be so pleased to receive it.

I would like to be known for a gentle spirit and patience.

Denise said...

I would choose either Collection 2 or 3.

Character Trait: I want to be remembered as having a servant's heart. Through a servant's heart, showing love, kindness, etc...

Thank you for the opportunity to win!

MameyJane said...

I have two daughters, 3 1/2 and 14 months. They are a bit young for these now, but as a homeschooling Mom I can see these being an awesome way to teach history in the future!

I would choose collection 2, because I've always stood in awe of how the pioneering women of this era survived against incredible odds, and how their lifestyle required them to depend on God for everything--it would do us modern Moms good to have to depend on Him a little more. :)

I would like for my daughters to have "grace"--"Let your speech be alway with Grace, so that ye may know how to answer every man." Col. 4:6. That they would be graceful in their conversations, their reactions, and their character :).

joeandkris513 said...

Such a great giveaway! I love set number 2 because mostly because of Sarah Edwards being included in that one.

I hope my children will be able to see that the most important values I sought with my life were that I was committed to obeying the Word of God and I pursued a gracious spirit.

Tovah said...

My daughters would love these. Living in New England for the past 2 years we have been priviliged to tour Boston and Abigail Adams home to name a few. So this would go right along with learning about her. I would like to be remembered for having joy in whatever the Lord brings my way.
Thanks for sharing!
jjcertain at yahoo dot com

Mrs. Pear said...

My favorites are the ones with Kathrina Von Bora and Idelette Calvin!

Character trait: Well, it seems like I am always the responsible one, the reliable one, if I say I am going to do it, I do it. I am careful about what I commit to so that I am sure I can follow through. But what I would most love to be remembered for is faithfully walking with God, and being a good wife and mother.

Mrs.Pear at

pinon family said...

My daughter would love these! It's lovely to see people who still see that modesty is important.

The character trait I thought of first would be that I am loving.

Thank you I love collection 2.

marissapinon at hotmail dot com

MH in OH said...

These paper dolls are lovely. Growing up I was a big fan of many of the paper dolls published by Dover, especially the American Family of the different eras in history series. I'm the mother of sons, not daughters, but these would be perfect for my niece. She would like collection 2.

Character trait - being loving.

orangetriangle2 AT yahoo DOT com

Nicole said...

I would love for my girls to have a set of these. They are beautiful. My favorite is collection 3.

One character trait I'd like to be remembered for is compassion. If I could choose another it would be thankfulness. I never want to take what God has given me for granted.

alonglifestrail @ gmail dot com

Hope said...

Hi Monica,

I've been following your blog for a while now. Just never posted anything:) Your site is such a blessing and encouragement. I have a young girl who would love these. In fact we just purchase a beautiful doll house from GW for $15.00!! This would be interesting to play with in the doll house:) We are studying American History so set 2 appeals to me....Character trait: I would like to be remembered for words of kindness spoken..."She opens her mouth with wisdom,and loving instruction is on her tongue."Pr.31:26

Hope Clark
hopeclark74 at gmail dot com

The Hall Family said...

My 7 year old daughter just got into paper dolls and I'm sure she'd LOVE Collection 3!

Gina said...

These are beautiful! I'd love to have collection three as this is the era we are studying together now. I hope to be known for love - a lifetime job!

Jill said...

My daughters would luv to Win these Fabulous Paper Dolls!

Our Favorite is Collection 2 :)

Character Trait: God's Grace and Loveliness

Thanks for an Awesome Giveaway!

Jenifer said...

I have already purchased some of these for my little sisters and they are so beautiful! But my little girl would like some too. :)

I have a very hard time deciding on a favorite, it's kind of a tie between 1 & 2. ;)

I would like to be remembered by the character qualities of hospitality and humility. ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for this great giveaway. The one character trait I'd like to be remembered for is speaking with wisdom and having 'the law of kindness' on my tongue.

It's very hard to choose a favorite collection - but I've been very interested in Pocahontas recently, so if I had to choose one it would be collection 3.


God bless you!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these paper dolls and would love to win them for my daughters!

I would choose the Abigail Adams set, because I'm very interested in her, after just finishing the 'John Adams' miniseries.

Let's see... I've always hoped that I'd be remembered for my perseverance. (Even though my life struggles are nothing compared to others, I hope that the small struggles I do go through only make me a better woman!)

Thanks for this giveaway! I love your blog and will be returning. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are so beautiful. My younger sister would love those. She needs some paper dolls :) I had some when I was little, but, alas, they were not as pretty nor so godly as these.

Character Trait: Love, kindness, and truthfulness.

Thank you so much!!

Rachel C. said...

My daughters would love these...I've seen several blogs "talking" about them! I'd like the Abigail Adams/Sarah Edwards collection. One character trait that I admire and aspire to have more of is patience.


And these are the days of our lives......... said...

I loved paper dolls growing up and I can't wait to introduce them to my babies!!! I love these because of their modesty! Something that is hard to find!!

melissa said...

Collection two
intheduckblind at alaska dot net
Thank you for telling about these they are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love the paper dolls! My favorite collection is #2. =) Oh, there are so many character qualities that come to mind! But I definitely want to be remembered as loving. =) Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Lynn B said...

I just "met" you today on this blog - so lovely! I would like to cultivate gentleness as you have discussed. Thank you for sharing these paper dolls - they look so perfect for our little girls! My favorite is the Abigail Adams set. God bless you and your family!

jlbaunach at att dot net

(sorry I left crucial info out of my original comment!)

Anonymous said...

I would love to be known as someone who loved the unloveable...a true character trait of Christ that is allows all to feel His love. I found these dolls a 2 or so weeks ago, and thought they are remarkable!
How do I choose I series?!?!? :-) I'm going to start with Abigail Adams and Sarah Edwards. Thanks so much!
~eunice b
rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

Hattie said...

Hi Monica,
I love all the paper dolls. I would choose Collection 2.

Character trait:
* Encourager
* A servant's heart
* Hospitality

Thanks for putting my name in.

Hattie at

Wendy said...

I would like to be remembered as an encourager. I want to leave a mark on this world as someone who encouraged others in good and bad times. I especially want to encourage my four young daughters to be more godly each day.

I would choose set #2

Thanks for the opportunity to win these great paper dolls.


richshelpmate @ yahoo dot com

Jon and Sarah said...

My girls would love these! I think I like Collection 3, but they are all great!

Character Trait: godliness and a sweet spirit.

I love reading your blog!

rachaelnz said...

They are beautiful paper dolls, Monica! We have four girls in our family, so we go through a lot of paper dolls!
I would most like to remembered for faithfulness to God and His Word.
We are Reformed, and looking forward to studying the Reformation in our History studies over the next couple of weeks. Luther & Calvin's wife would probably be my preferred set.
Rachael in NZ
reitsma at xnet dot co dot nz

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Hmmm. . . as for character traits, I'd love to be remembered for my patience, mainly because it's lacking so much in my life right now. ;-)

I'm intrigued by these paper dolls. I'm really interested in the Katherine von Bora and Idelette (?) Calvin one. I've watched the movie Luther several times, so I'm very interested in the life of Luther and his wife.

hopeistheword at gmail dot net

~nanashouse~ said...

I am a teachers' aide and after school program coordinator. All too often I have to mete out "punishment" for inappropriate behavior when our little ones are just acting on impulse and haven't been taught. These books and paper dolls would be a great resource to build Godly character. Thank you for this beautiful post!

HappyMom said...

My 6 yo. daughter loves paper dolls. I think collection 2 is great. Most people know lots about the presidents themselves, but not the first ladies. I would love to incorporate this into a lesson

Danielle said...

I've seen these and was wondering if I should stash them away for when my 6 week old daughter gets old enough for them...I'm afriad they won't be available when she gets older!

Anyway, I'd choose set one because it is two women I don't know about!

Character trait...faithfulness. To my Creator, my husband, my family, my church.

gespenshade at frontiernet dot net

Linda said...

Would you be surprised to know that I've been reading your blog for a little while now, but I haven't commented because I am so much older than you (I'm a Grandma.)
First, I must tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is a wonderful place to visit.
Second, I cannot resist paper dolls, and these are just adorable. Please enter me.

Anonymous said...

I love these quality paper dolls. My daughter would really appreciate Collection One! Those ladies were such shining examples of Christian womanhood. Thank you for offering this give-away.

ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by these - they are beaituful! I have always loved learning about Abigail Adams and Mrs. J. Edwards. . . so collection 2 would be lovely!

It's so hard to choose a character trait, but I would have to say that I desire Godliness above all else.



Sincerely Yours said...

My 7 year old daughter would love these. Thanks for bringing them to our attention. I think I would choose Collection 1.
Character Trait: It's hard to pick but I would say loyalty.

mamabeck said...

Wow...I love all three collections, and may just have to add these to OUR collection, myself! ♥ I think that Collection 3 would be best received by my oldest, who loves the time-block of history that both ladies are 'in'.

Thank you for the chance to win, and for introducing us to such a lovely company and product!

mommabeck at Godsnerds dot com

Caitlin said...

I'd like Collection 2, but they're all beautiful! Character trait would be patience, I think....

Lori said...

I've been looking for paper dolls for my daughter and these are by far the best ones that I have seen! I love them all, but I think my favorite is collection 3.

Character trait: I would most like to be remembered for compassion.

Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Hi! I came across your giveaway via Mrs. Brookshire’s blog. Thank you for blogging about my dear friends Emily Rose and Breezy! I can attest to the fact that they truly are delightful young women with hearts for Christian dominion and encouragement of girls and young ladies. They are such a joy, and I’m so inspired by their great work! The love of Christ radiates from them both. :)

I already purchased the bundle for my hopechest (I was delighted, when I received them, with how sturdy and intricately detailed they were!), but would like to enter the giveaway in the hopes of winning a collection for a friend of mine. I think she would like Collection 1 the best (the one with Mrs. Calvin and Mrs. Luther). Thank you!

I would most like to be known for godly and joyful hospitaility to all in need-whether saint of stranger.

Thanks again so much for this giveaway!

God bless!

Miss Rebekah

please note: there is no appostrophe in the word "Lords"-hotmail doesn't allow punctuation like that!

Jamie said...

Ida just loves paper dolls. What a neat find!

I'd choose Collection Three as these days all Ida wants to read about is the history of Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and Indians.

As for the trait: Love - that I would love others as Christ does.

Melissa said...

These are really beautiful paper dolls. I like them all. I would be honored to win any of them ;o)

Lauree said...

Thanks so much for what you shared in Daniel this week - I am so encouraged by your blog.

I would love to be remembered for gentleness - a trait which I need much work on!

I would love to win the Sarah Edwards collecetion - she is a woman I greatly admire and would love to use these with my sweet little girls.

Thanks Monica!

Livvy said...

I would love to win collection 1.
I would be honored to be remembered for having the fruits of the Spirit.


Wilma said...

This is so lovely! Thank you for the chance you gave us to win one of those. As an European I would definitely go for collection 1!

MrsCoach said...

I'd love to be remembered for my honesty and kindness...since I strive so hard to instill these values in my children! I love the Abigail Adams set...since I did teach about her when I was a teacher!! My daughter will love these!!
Monica...I also have a tip (since you travel so much with your girls, as do I!!) Laminate and magnetize them like they show in their tutorial...then give each girl a cookie sheet for their magnet paper dolls... hours of fun and activity for a long trip, right on their lap!!
OOOooo...I hope I win one!!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win a set of dolls! I love them all, but at the moment, collection 3 is my favorite.

I would love to be remembered for kindness.

Anonymous said...

These are just so lovely! Thanks for the giveaway. I just love the set with Pocahontas and Priscilla Mullins. Gee, a character trait that I would love to be remembered for is being compassionate.
dorthjo at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

My 7yr old would love these!! I like the 2nd set best! Very cool! Thanks. Amber

figandchloe at hotmail dot com

Hannah L. said...

Hello! My favorite set is collection one--the Von Bora/Calvin pair.

I think the number one character trait I would aspire to (among MANY others) is grace. First I thought kindness, and then I thought love, and patience, and joy, and trust, and faith...I need all of those!...but I think grace pulls it all together pretty well.

God bless!
~Hannah L.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful paper dolls!
Character trait: Joy!

Thanks for the chance to win them!

kemmett5 at gmail dot com

Jenilee said...

I have 3 girls so these would be such a blessing! :) character trait? faithful.


Katie said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I am encouraged by reading your blog. I want to be remembered for my love- especially toward my children and husband. I like the first set the best.

Kristi said...

I want to be remembered as serving the Lord faithfully with unconditional love.

I love this dolls and want some sooo bad. I pray the Lord would bless us with a way to have them, one way or another. I suppose my favorite would be collection two, but three is nice as well. I think my girls and I would be blessed by any of them!

Tracey said...

My two girls would enjoy these paper dolls so much! I would like to be remembered for faithfulness (and hopefully many more traits!)

Anna Cotton said...

I'd love to win a set of these. I am planning to purchase some for my little cousins for Christmas.

My email is info at cottoncostumes dot com.

I'd like to be remembered for being a Godly woman all around. I would like people to say I was really the Prov. 31 woman.

I like all three collections. I think I'd prefer the wives of Luther and Calvin (because of the era).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I would love to win a set. :) The character trait I would like to be remembered for is that I was a praying woman.

I'd love these paper dolls for my 2 little girls - ages 7yrs, 6yrs. :) Thanks for the contest!


CAjohnsonfamily said...

These are beautiful! My almost nine year old daughter would love these! I think I would choose collection #1.

Character trait - grace, patience


Heather said...

My daughter would love these! They are such great idea, espically how women are being seen in the world.

If I had to pick one character trait it would be love.

Thank you for posting this Monica.

Kristi said...

Thank you for this fun giveaway! What a difficult decision, but I think my little girl would enjoy Pocahontas :). These paper dolls are beautiful! I am so enjoying reading your blog!

Angela Fehr said...

I've been eyeing these paper dolls for a while - I follow Breezy's blog and they are so lovely. I would love to give my girls all three sets but I think I'd start with collection#2.

Amy said...

I would love to have any of these for my two daughters. Collection #2 would be a favorite as I am learning to be the encouraging helpmeet God has called me to be! Character Trait: Love Love kind of covers over all of the traits I wish to have.

Thanks for this contest and love your encouraging blog. God bless.

brianamy10 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Heather said...

My four little girls love paper dolls! While I have not had the opportunity to ask them personally (I want to keep these a secret as Santa may be bringing them this year!), I think they would pick Collection 3 because of the Pocahontas doll!

The character trait that I want to be remembered by? There are several but being remembered as having a servant's heart is near the top of the list!

Allison said...

These are really neat - thank you for bringing them to attention (and Joy at SAH Missionary!).

I don't think I could decide between the collections. I want my two girls to be exposed to each set!

As for a character trait I want to be remembered for, I am constantly struck by the difference that Godly peace and joy make in my life. How sad for the people who don't know Him and know how sweet life can be with what He so freely offers.

Jolene said...

Great product! What a quality gift to pass on to our daughters!

Character trait: hospitality and Christ's love. We are missionaries in Ukraine and I would like to be remembered among the people we work with as sharing and exemplifying Christ's love and being hospitable to everyone, no matter who they are.

Thanks for doing this fun give-away!

e-mail: sloans2ukraine at

Tanya said...

These are such a great idea! Great job ladies! My daughters would love these dolls. I think I like Collection 2.

The character trait I would love to be remembered for is patience and unconditional love.

Braley Mama said...

I love this!
I want to be remembered for being merciful!
He is working on that in me.
Love these dolls, I think I will get them if I don;t win.

Jess said...

Very neat dolls! Collection number one stuck out to me. As far as a character trait, I think love and mercy.

Dixiemom7 said...

Both of my older daughters love paperdolls, I think the collection they would love is #3 with Pocahontas and the girl from the Mayflower.
Character trait: Joy!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

These are so beautiful. I would probably chose collection 2. And character trait: kindness. I have been so convicted lately about being kind to everyone no matter what. I can't get kindness of my mind.

jeremyandem at gmail dot com

Jen said...

I think my daughters would love these! I think the chatacter I would love my girls to have the most is "compassion". Would it be considered cheating to say I'd like the collection option FOUR... the bundle of all three? *wink*

I hope I win!

Stephanie Reeves said...

Wonderful! I would choose the women from the 1600's, but hey are all so beautiful. I hope that a character trait for which I will be remembered is Patience.

southerngrits said...

My little sisters would love this. This looks similar to something I saw in Vision Forum's new catalog. Do they happen to sell it? I like set #2.

Dana said...

What a great idea! I would choose Collection 2 because I recently read about Sara Edwards and find her life to be so inspiring.

The character trait I would love to be known for is generosity.

Thanks so much for this contest!

LifeofFaith said...

They all look really nice :). I would probably pick Collection #2.

Character trait: I want to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Unknown said...

I think these would be wonderful to have. In thinking of a character trait I'd love to say graciousness.

ngepson at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

What beautiful dolls!
Collection 2 would be a favorite here as my 10 year old studied Abigail Adams recently.
Character trait: JOY (Jesus-Others-Yourself)

Anonymous said...


My two little girls and even my older one would enjoy these dolls. I would like to be remembered for my faithfulness, as well as others!

Collection two would fit right in with what we are studying right now!

Jayfer peakee@yahoo(dot)com (no spaces)

Mindy said...

The dolls are beautiful!

Character trait: I would like to be remembered as loving both God and others, so the trait I would choose would be love.

Collection: I would love to win Collection 3.

Thanks so much.

the t. sisters said...

Hi! My name is Abbie, and I came across your blog from Stay-at-Home Missionary blog, and loved the look of your giveaway! I am a Christian stay-at-home daughter living in Australia with my parents and 4 sisters, and am sure my sisters would love these paper-dolls! A character trait I am striving to grow in at the moment is patience and love. And the set we would love would be the Katharina von Bora & Idelette Calvin set. :) Thanks so much! God bless, Abbie Tamme


mommaplus said...

oh wow! they are beautiful, hard to pick one set! They are on our Christmas wish list for sure!
I would like set #2 first.
I would like to be remembered for my faithfulness and diligence to seek Christ.

E Living said...

I used to LOVE playing with paper dolls when I was little. My husband is a Pastor and LOVES theology - I would totally go for the collection number 1. Those women had to be strong women of God! I would want to be remembered for the godly wife and supporter I was to my husband.
I have been following Emily's blog for a few weeks now, and they are amazing women of God! Their whole family is amazing! I would love to get to know them and anyone they are friends with - that is the kind of influence and lifestyle we desire for our home. Thanks for posting this and I look forward to following your blog as well!
(if you want to check out mine, it's for stay at home moms and all things related - check it out some time. I am starting small, but you have to start somewhere!)

Anonymous said...

I would love to be known as being gracious.
I personally like them all, but if I REALLY have to choose, I say collection 2.

christin.slade @ yahoo (dot) com

~ Shannon said...

Oops! Had the wrong e-mail in my previous comment! Sorry about that!

Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

I'd have to say that the character trait I'd love to be remembered for would be generosity.

And it's almost impossible to pick a favorite collection, but I'll go with Abigail Adams and Sarah Edwards!


briana said...

Please enter me into your giveaway. I three sisters who would love to play with these. I don't really have a favorite. But if I had to chose I would say the one with Abigail Edwards.
As for the Character trait I would have to say a close releation ship with the Lord. I don't know if you would count that as a trait but if some one has a close relationship with Him then you will have a lot of other traits that shine thru you.
homeschooled4christ at gmail dot com

Amy S said...

I would adore these dolls. Feminine, modest and Godly. Perfect!

Kelsey said...

I am collecting things for my future home someday.I would love to add these paper dolls to my collection.I would choose Collection 1. I love the story of Catherine Von Bora.

Character Trait: being a strong woman for the Lord, and helping and supporting my husband(future).

Kelsey said...

I just sent you my comment and realized I had not put my email address on it.It is .So sorry for the error.

Jhona O. said...

My daughter would LOVE these!!!I think she would choose Collection 2.

The character trait I would most like to be remembered for is Christ-filled compassion!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

dougandjhona at gmail dot com

Susannah (sevensisters) said...

My favorite collection is number two.

Character trait I would want to be remembered for would be gentleness.


tinklingbells [at] medt [dot] com

Everly Pleasant said...

What a fun give-away!
I think i'dlike to be remembered for perseverence (something I'd love to master.)
Blessings, Everly of

fixedonHIM said...

I love these and have been keeping an eye on them for our girls.

Character Trait: Faith or Perseverance

We would love the set three. Thanks for hosting this Monica. Your blog is such a blessing. :)


Carrie said...

These paper dolls are just beautiful! I would choose Collection 3--I love learning about that time period. :) My little girl is only 3, but I know she would enjoy these when she is a bit older!

As for a character trait, there are so many . . . but some that I'd love to be remembered for are kindness, gentleness, and Godly speech. Thanks for a great giveaway! I really enjoy your blog. :)

*Mirage* said...

I like collection 2 best. :) I would love to be remembered as having a sweet generous spirit. Thank you!
mamamirage at yahoo dot com

Bran said...

so great! I'd love them for my daughter. We're moving overseas in 2 months.

I'd love to be remembered for true godliness.

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not too late!

Character trait: steadfast trust

Favorite collection: Collection One both because these are the women I know the least about and because I love that era of dress.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

These books look very nice and I'm sure our 4 girls would have fun with any one of them.


Melissa M. said...

I'd love to have a set of these for my niece! I'd choose Collection 3, I think.

Thanks for offering these!

I'd like to be remembered for love, above all, and many other things.

misshoneybee (at) gmail (dot) com

Jeni said...

These are so nice! I would choose collection 2 to start with, but they all look so good. What an awesome ministry!

Sarah said...

These dolls look beautiful. I would choose Collection 2. I love the history that goes along with it.

Character Trait: as a servant that loves the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind.