Friday, August 08, 2008

A "Pioneerish" Evening

I know, that isn't a word. But, it seemed to best describe my thought. This afternoon (Thursday) a big storm rolled in and it started raining HARD very suddenly. There was lots of lightening and thunder and then the loudest thunder crack I think I've heard in a very long time. But, I just kept putting laundry away - the lights were blinking on and off every minute or two. And, in the end we were without electricity for about five hours. (Yes, and it was 101 today!)

While putting the laundry away, I happened to peek outside and see that a huge tree had been hit by lightening right across the street from our house and a second tree had been hit as well and had partially fallen. Oh, how thankful I was that they fell into the street and not on our neighbors houses!

Look at this tree, though. It has been standing tall and beautiful getting green in proper season as long as we've lived in this house. Yet, when split at the base - you can see that the center of the base was rotten. David said, "Funny how something can look so alive and yet be so dead inside." Indeed - and that's a thought provoking statement if you really think about how many things that could apply to.

Anyway, we enjoyed a candlelight dinner of sandwiches, chips and a can of fruit cocktail. I didn't want to open the fridge too much and couldn't cook anything - so this was a good solution.

Our after dinner entertainment was not very pioneerish - but while David got called out to work, the rest of us piled on the couch and watched the neighbors and firemen saw up those huge trees just so people could get to their driveways. I mentioned to the little ladies how it was great to see the neighbors out there working together and helping one another.

When David came home, I mixed up a cooler of lemonade and took it out to those working on the trees. When something like this happens - don't you just want to DO something? I know I did.

After all our littles were in bed, boy was it warm in here. We decided to have a bowl of ice cream! I figured it may melt into oblivion by morning, so we might as well enjoy some and cool off! I think it will be fine since the power came back on before I went to bed. And, boy did that air conditioning feel divine!

Hmmm, maybe I don't want to be a pioneer after all ...


Lee said...

I just had to laugh Monica. We've had a few of those kinds of storms here in Michigan. Trees down everywhere. It sure does seem different, living in a place with trees as opposed to the scrub oak in Colorado, but I, too, find spiritual lessons in these great storms.

I'll bet that heat could have been sweltering. I'm blessed that you had fun in it. 'atta girl. :) God smiles on that, doesn't he.

Melissa said...

We heard the loud thunder but our power stayed on. Brian also got called to work. There were several brush fires in our area due to lightning. I'm so sorry your A/C was off for five hours in this heat but it sounds like you and the girls had a fun evening despite the inconvenience. I'm thrilled to be living in an age where A/C exsists!

*carrie* said...

Wow--2 significant power outages in one week! =) Glad this happened after we talked--it was so great to catch up. Though I realized I never heard about last Friday . . .! Love you.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was the same as Carrie's -- two power outages in one week (and in two different places)! Glad to hear you made the best of it and that your power is back on. Sorry about the loss of the tree, but thankful damage wasn't worse. Love you, Mom

Chrissy said...

Monica -

We were on the outside edge of that same storm. Power blinked off and on a couple of times and I was praying hard because dinner was already in the oven. I honestly kept waiting to hear the tornado was very ugly.

Glad ya'll came through it alright, aside from the minor inconvenience.

Wendi said...

That was quite a storm! Glad that you made the best of it.

Amy said...

We had a storm like that, but it was in the middle of the night that we lost power. Ethan has been begging for another "Earth Hour" night so maybe a storm will end up coinciding with that ;)

rohanknitter said...

That was a great idea to take lemonade out! We had storms monday and ended up being without power for 40 hours! We have a generator (so thankful for that!)so we were able to run our fridge and freezers, a couple ceiling fans and lights, but not the ac or the well pump. Thankfully my mil is nearby and had power so we could get some water from her - needed it for us as well as the livestock!

Anonymous said...

I bet the guys were shocked at your thoughtfulness of the lemonade. There aren't many like you around.

We were without power for only 3 hours.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I'm with you about A/C and being a pioneer.

I just want more calm, more candlelight, more reading by the fire, and a fireplace or wood stove!

God bless!

Sarah said...

Last fall one of neighbors trees fell and it was a mess! It was the worst storm that I have ever seen, the wind was really going stong.

I think we take for granted how important things like refigerators are and how much we like our modern inventions.

I went on a trek once and got to be a pioneer for a few days while we walked and pulled handcarts. It was a great eye opening experience and I was so greatful to have what I do.

Tracy said...

The last time our power went out it was out for 30 hours. I think I need to take a few lessons from you! You seemed to cope with it all in your stride and quite calmly.

Funny how when the power is out and you can't keep milk from going off, all you want is a good up of tea!

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

Hi Monica,
I love how you were prepared with the sandwiches and the fruit. I heard so many stories about people out driving around trying to find an open restaurant.

Elise said...

That reminds me of the time a few years ago-the day before Thanksgiving when I was pregnant with Lilly and was rushing around to get things done, yelling at my 2 year old little guy, and being generally harried, and the split trees that were in our backyard got blown down. Fortunately, they fell across our fence into the neighbors back yard, but not on his house. I used to pray those would fall on our house-I know that sounds horrid, but I wanted a new kitchen. Thankfully, they did not fall on our house that day, because it would have possibly killed us. I thank God for his protection. And what a quote from David-he is so right.
Glad your power finally came back on.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Monica,

We have been having some big storms here in our area, also. I am glad to hear that everyone is ok. What a great thing for the girls to see everyone working together. I am sure everyone appreciated the lemonade you brought them.

Katy said...

Oh wow...I am so glad no one got hurt with the tree and that the lightning didn't hit anyone's house or anything!!! YIKES! Your night looks like it was still fun and the table looks sooo pretty with all the candles :).

Netta said...

Oh, I'm happy to have found your blog through Momadvice. We, too, lost our power on Saturday for approx. 5 hrs. and ate ice cream on the porch... and played with the neighbor kids and saw a beautiful rainbow.
Have a wonderful week.