Monday, August 11, 2008

Curious Sofa

One of the places I wanted to go in Kansas City was a neat store called Curious Sofa. I first saw an article about this shop in Country Living and then, the owner's home was featured recently as well.

So, one afternoon during nap time, my aunt offered for Carrie and I to go out and do some errands. Carrie indulged my desire to go here and went along.

Oh, the store was so dreamy - I could have spent much longer just wandering through and admiring all the creative touches. I wanted to get a little something for myself - but also made an extra effort to get there because my sweet friend, Amy, also loves this to read Debbie's blog and I wanted to bring her something from this store. So, hopefully this will be a fun treat for you to look forward to Amy!

Debbie was in the store - I recognized her as soon as we walked in, but it took my sister's force to make me say something to her - we found her out back cleaning up a chandelier! Her dog, Pearl, was perched up on a cute ticking bed near the cash register - so cute.

Here is the treat I came home with:
It is a set of alphabet cards with metal grommets in the top - and a ribbon for hanging. You can create and re-create many garlands with these letters! You probably all know by now how much I love garlands! Oh, and it's letter press - love letter press! And, designed from Victorian lettering. Need I say more?

Amy - this is your treat (looking a little bedraggled from being in the car so long!) that I hope to deliver to you in person very soon! I'll let her share what is inside on her blog! And, no - I did not get her the same thing I got!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had this fun outing with Carrie. :) Love, Mom

Katy said...

Love your treat!!! How sweet of you to get something for your friend as well! :) That place sounds wonderful! So glad you enjoyed yourself! :)

Julie Willis said...

I've really enjoyed your past week of posts. I'm constantly striving to simplify our home and lives. Even with less spending it is amazing how many things accumulate and need to be purged! I've found for me (us) that there will always be great deals out there. I do some cvs, but with a family of six have found bulk, coops etc. to be a much simplier and usually more cost effective way to go. Don't get me wrong... some of the deals are wonderful. BUT I've become very choosy! The age spand of our daughters is high school to preschool. That in itself can get pretty crazy (usually in a wonderful way)!

On another note: The store is so cute. Whether practical or not I l.o.v.e. colors and creativity!

Rebecca said...

Monica, I have lived in the KC area for 11 years and never heard of this I want to go!! Can you tell where it is?? Thanks! The alphabet cards are beautiful!!

Elise said...

Ooh, fun, fun!!

*carrie* said...

Mo, that pic turned out so cute. Hope Amy likes her gift. I'm so glad you said "hi" to Debbie!

letterstoelijah said...

I went to the stores website.. what a wonderful place to go without kids!

Anonymous said...

Kansa City Kansas or MO?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Kansas City, KS - it is in Prairie Village. You can find the address and phone number by clicking the link in my post.

GranthamLynn said...

How cute. I wish I could have some of them. Did you get some for yourself?
BTW if all works o.k. in the next few min. I am adding you to my list of "Homes I Visit"!
Come by and see me at myjourney.
I am kind of bloggy dumb sometimes so hopefully I can make it work.
Have a Blessed evening,

Amy said...

I have visited their site because they were in your favorites. They should give you stuff for being such a good promoter for them :) I love your banner- you will get so many good uses out of that! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The Frugal Shrink said...

Fun! Were you in Kansas City, MO? That's only 3 hours from where I am!

Art and Sand said...

I have always wanted to visit Curious Sofa, but I don't know if I will ever get to that part of the country.

I too love garland and have the same letters.

Have fun creating fun sayings with your new find.