Friday, June 13, 2008

Clean Heart: Part Nineteen

Do my actions reflect a clean heart?

This one relates closely to several previous topics, like my schedule, attitudes and motives. But, can I truthfully say that the things I do and the ways I act reflect a clean and pure heart?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I love to think of things to do for others that will be a blessing to them. As I look back on the years I was single - this is how I spent a lot of my time and energy. And, I miss it.

But, I find that it is harder to do these things now for several reasons - I'm not working full time outside the home, so my daily people-encounters are greatly reduced; I have three small children who need me to care for them; it's getting more and more challenging to know what to do for others.

And, yet - as I wrote that last sentence, I realized that I can be doing these things for my family.
When my husband calls from work and asks if we have any extra folders - I can follow through, look for them and when I don't find any and realize I'm going to be out anyway, pick some up for him.

It seems like having "clean heart actions" comes down to considering others above myself and having a heart of service.


Anonymous said...

*Considering others and having a heart for service*! And you do Monica! I loved that you took your friend a muffin, just because you were in the area. How thoughtful to your friend was this. Sometimes it is the little things we do or say or give that can minister the most at that time. Our clean heart actions come from sweet motives thinking of others and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Life is hard, it is good ,but it is hard. Small gifts (words,actions,a precious prayer) can mean so very much. Thank you for this post-tammyp I just wanted to share a lady i hardly know brought me some mint to root for my garden yesterday--that was so kind--a sweet blessing to me, that she thought of me :*)!

Katy said...

Loved this!!! So true!!! Thank you Monica! :)

Anonymous said...

This was a good kick in the pants for me Monica!! I so easily feel put out by "other peoples" requests. Mainly the person I love the most if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Thats so true, I have been more and more convicted lately of the ministry of my family! When you are serving your dh you are serving God, when you are taking care of your children you are serving as well. Its so hard for me to remember that sometimes-doesn't mean you can't bless others but there will be a time again where your an empty nester and you be called to do even more for others. This is exactly where God is cleaning my heart lately for sure! We want to do it all at every stage of our lives and its just too hard. You do a wonderful job in serving and helping others (even us women who read it) I can't tell you how you minister to me!


*carrie* said...

Great post, Monica. I've been thinking of that this week as I do lots of things for *other* people outside my family. Love you!