Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eager Hands Thread Box

The pictures and e-mails are trickling in of the things you ladies are making from these ideas! I love seeing your completed projects - keep them coming! You've also said you can't wait for the next project! Here it is!

A Crafter's Walk Through Proverbs 31: Eager Hands Thread Box

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.” ~ Proverbs 31:13, NIV

Eager hands. When I think of eager – I think of a dog pulling at the leash with curiosity at what is ahead, of a child who is ready to go the very second you tell them of a coming event even it if it is still days away, of a readiness accompanied by anticipation or excitement. There is no hint of drudgery here, no wishing the work away, the attitude is one of positive motivation.

My American Heritage Dictionary describes eager this way, “marked by or full of intense or enthusiastic interest or desire.

Can I truthfully say that I approach the work God has given me with “enthusiastic interest?” That is how the virtuous woman approaches her work. She is excited to work with her hands and considers it a joy to do so willingly.

I don’t know about you, but I do get great enjoyment out of using my hands to create. In this passage, the virtuous woman gathers her supplies and then eagerly works. The fruits of her labor benefit her family and bring glory to God!

In this project, we will make a box covered in wool, surrounded by God’s Word to remind us of His will. A bonus is that at the end you’ll have a great box to store supplies for crafting! And, a visible reminder for us as His women!


Pencil box: cardboard, not plastic
Scrapbook paper
Double Stick Tape
Scissors for paper and fabric
Wool sweater or craft felt
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Scraps of light colored fabric
Pinking shears or decorative edged scissors for fabric
Felt Scraps
Templates provided
Two buttons
Needle and Thread
Washable Ink marking pen (available in the notions section of craft supply store)

* Cut out patterns for flowers, center and leaf using provided templates.

* Cut one of the larger flowers, two of the smaller flower, two centers and four leaves using desired colors of craft felt.

* Layer one large flower, one small flower and one center. Put a button in the middle of the center and stitch through all layers. Now, repeat for the second small flower and center with a second button.

* Place wool sweater (mine came from a thrift store) in the washer and wash in hot water. Dry on high heat to felt the wool.

* Line inside of box lid with scrapbook paper. Attach with double stick tape. Line the inside bottom of the box and the side just below the lid with scrapbook paper also attaching with double stick tape.

* Now, line the three remaining inside pieces as well, but cut your paper a bit longer than needed and fold it over the top edge of the box. Secure with double stick tape and hold in place with clothespins.

* Glue a length of ribbon to the top of the lid – centering it in the middle. Add a second length of ribbon just below the lid on the front of the box so that it matches up with the top piece. This will form your tie for closing the box.

* Using pinking shears, cut felt pieces to fit the box. You will need five pieces total – one for each side and one for the lid. Run a line of hot glue around the edges and attach the felt to the box.

* On a light colored piece of fabric, use your washable pen to write the word, “Thread” or other word as desired. Stitch on your writing with coordinating thread. Use a damp cloth to wash away ink. Let dry. Cut out the word using pinking shears or decorative edged scissors.

* With a drop of hot glue at each end, attach the “Thread” fabric to the top of the box. Glue two felt leaves and the largest flower as desired.

* On a long piece of fabric measured to fit around your box, write out Proverbs 31:13 with the washable pen. Leave an inch or so at the back with no writing to glue your smaller flower and leaves. Stitch around these letters as well and wash away ink. Let dry. Trim edges with pinking shears or decorative edged scissors if desired. Glue verse on around sides of box.

* Finish off the back with the two remaining leaves and small felt flower.

* Enjoy storing some of your supplies and going about your work with eager hands!

As always, please come back and let me know if you make this project - I am so enjoying seeing what you come up with!


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing the fruits of your eager hands -- I was glad to get a preview of this project while I was there. It is cute! :)
Love, Mom

*carrie* said...


You did a great job on this--thanks for your efforts in creating and explaining them. I'm glad you found a use for that off-white paper!

Anonymous said...

I just love the way you used the music as lining. I'm going to have to find a way to use that idea myself.


Monica Wilkinson said...

Yes - Carrie thanks for the paper!

The music for the lining is actually scrapbooking paper - lots of wonderful things you can use it for!

I forgot to add this note: If you'd rather not felt a sweater, you can use craft felt - I just liked the thicker felt look.

Christi said...

Monica, I am always so impressed with your ideas. Love this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great project Monica! This is too cute :) I always get so inspired from your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I always love your projects. You have the greatest ideas. this would be a great project for Christmas with Christmas fabric and Christmas music for the lining to hold Christmas tags or cards. I love this! Thank you!
Debbie Calif

GranthamLynn said...

How sweet and cute. I have just been loving your ideas. And that was a sweater you cut up. What a thoughtful idea! I love your Crafters Walk through Proverbs
thanks so much for sharing.
May I use this idea as a project for the at-risk teens I work with?
What an amazing hands on activity that has a wonderful illustration.
Sort of makes me think of a really grown up Vacation Bible School.
The girls I work with never got to go to VBS and have that whole experience. I think our ministry would be Blessed to use this project. Thanks again and please let me know. Serving Him Together,