Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day In My Life, Day One

As promised, here is an in-depth look at our day!

My to-do list planned the night before:

Empty Dishwasher
Dressed (E, R, S)
Water Plants
Ground Beef and Chicken Divided for Freezer
Counters Cleared
Kitchen Cleaned
Work on Activity Bags
Birthday Thank-You's finished
Carrie's box ready to mail
Call Grace
Post Office

Here's what actually happened:
5:50 am: woke up to David's alarm; nursed Samuel; woke with a headache; fixed banana bread for David's breakfast and assembled lunch since I had forgotten night before
6:10: read chapter 15, Shepherding A Child's Heart (**Note: I do not make a practice of substituting a book for the Bible in my Quiet Time. However, I have been trying to read this book for a very loooong time and I really need it right now. So, because it is that important - I am finishing it up this week in my Quiet Time.)
6:45: e-mail and blog check
7:00: shower, dressed, bed made, laid back down for a few minutes because of headache
7:30: girls up; read story; diaper/potty taken care of; cereal for breakfast; Bible story; clean up breakfast
8:10: empty Dishwasher; girls looked out window/played
8:20: E, R, S teeth, hair and clothes for day
8:40: water plants
8:45: nurse Samuel
9:00: leave house for errands; went to two grocery stores and pet store
12:30: return home; fixed lunch (diced peaches and tortilla with cheese/salsa melted in microwave); emptied car; nurse Samuel; girls down for naps
1:15: Mama eat lunch (usually I eat with ladies, but just getting home, I had to get them moving quick for nap time!) and read mail
1:35: Divide ground beef for freezer: made 9 hamburger patties (enough for three meals), one meatloaf and put two pounds in the freezer to use as desired later. I decided not to divide up the chicken since it was individually frozen pieces.
2:05: work on blog for the week
3:00: work on clearing kitchen counters
3:40: girls up from nap; nurse Samuel; girls watch movie and have snack
4:10: continue working on counters; Carrie's package - girls decorate gifts for Nathan; empty dish drainer (yes, it takes me a while to clear the counters, I am a piler!)
5:00: fix dinner; finish dish drainer; Samuel on play mat; girls played with little kitchen
5:40: serve dinner and clean up
6:20: wipe counters, scour sink, ladies played with Daddy
6:35: work on making Activity Bags
7:25: Mama and Daddy play with girls and clean up
8:05: girls lights out
I fixed David's banana bread for the morning, made my list for tomorrow, nursed Samuel and read
9:30: lights out

Listened to at home: Glory Revealed
Listened to in the car: Hide 'Em In Your Heart


Katy said...

How fun to see a day in your life Monica!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to document and share that with us!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Monica, you are an inspiration to me. Question for you - do you find that both your girls like those activity bags or just the older one? I have a 2 and a half year old boy and I am thinking he would really like that! What age do you think they started enjoying those?


Mary Ann said...

My sister and her friends did an activity bag swap where they all picked one and made multiples of it so everyone got one of each. They are great for preschoolers!

I loved seeing your day. I am a piler, too.:-)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the activity bags. I'm taking it that you make your own as opposed to buying them. How do you go about making them? I'm thinking I can make these and adjust them for my 4 and 7 yr old. They would be great for going places that aren't too exciting for them. Thanks!

Amy said...

I always enjoy peeking in other people's lives. Thanks for letting us!

Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing a day in your life. Those activity bags look very cool. You are so productive during your day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I am amazed that your children "let you" accomplish so much. That might sound strange and maybe my discipline is not strick enough but my son demands so much of my time - wanting me to play or help me with everything I do it takes forever. I'd love to hear your secret!

Marianna said...

Thanks for the names of CDs you listen to. I am going to buy those on iTunes or

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Unknown said...

i'd love to know what are in those activity bags!!

Susan said...

I really loved reading your daily schedule. I am also intrigued by the activity bags. I will look into those when my boy is older. He is only 16 months, so another year or so.

Rebecca said...

Hi Monica!
I hope you had a great weekend!
Thanks for letting us look into your daily schedule. I too am trying to get through (and need to!) the book Shepherding A Child's Heart. I have also been trying to put together activity bags for little one - as I thought they would be a good thing for when baby brother comes along. I used to do this when I worked as a preschool teacher - and they were great! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,

What a busy day, you need to put your feet up more with a baby :-) I am glad to know there is a name for people like us ~ I'm a "piler" too!! Loving reading your blog every day.


Anonymous said...

Monica, I think it is great that you are nursing Samuel! I was just wondering if you schedule his feedings or feed him on demand? How long do you nurse each time, do you supplement with formula, and is he on any baby food yet?

LynnMarie said...

OK I sure hope you take your vitamins and have roller blades ready to help you move from one activity to another!! My oh My what a busy woman you are!!