Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day In My Life, Day Four

Planned To-Do List:
Empty Dishwasher
Entry Window washed
Clean Bathroom
Dust bedrooms and living room
Dust master bedroom
Dust Den
Kitchen trash out
Activity bags
Call Carrie
Make Cookies
E-mail Grace
E-mail Joy
Mail Held for weekend out of town

6:15: wake; spend time with David while getting ready for work
6:35: read chapter 18, Shepherding A Child's Heart
6:45: nurse Samuel, continue reading
7:05: quick e-mail check and Bloglines; make muffins
7:30: dressed, ready for day; make bed
7:40: girls up; breakfast
8:15: breakfast cleaned up; empty dishwasher
8:30: clean entry window; baths; clean bathroom while girls are in tub, wipe out tub after they finish; Samuel was sleeping during this
9:10: dust Samuel and girls rooms and living room
9:25: walk
9:55: trash from bathroom and Samuel's room out; movie and snack for girls; nurse Samuel
10:30: Dust master bedroom and den (not a thorough dusting); girls play; empty kitchen trash
10:40: Samuel on play mat; girls paint
11:25: lunch - ladies helped; eat, clean up, ready for naps
12:05: cleaned up another potty accident
12:10: e-mail, blog
12:50: make cookies and call Carrie; check mail
2:40: nurse; read; hostess gift for Grace
3:20: girls up
3:35: help collect trash and recycling; call Grace
3:50: David took girls to do errands; I finished thank you notes; caught up on rebates and did some clean-up
5:00: Dinner prep
5:30: nurse; dinner in oven
5:45: dinner served
6:20: clean up kitchen; fix David's lunch
6:55: begin gathering items for trip over the weekend
7:10: tidy/clean up
7:30: girls in pj's; clean up
7:50: girls to bed; nurse Samuel
8:15: read
8:45: played Castle of Carcasonne with David (we love to play games!)
9:25: read/bed
10:15: lights out


Catherine said...

Your daily notes have been a real blessing to me, especially as they have really caused me to think through the way I do things. I think the planning is one of the keys -- something I am loathe to sit down and do at the end of an evening. Just another one of those areas of self-discipline that would make life easier if I just did it! You are an organized and diligent woman, and I am learning a few good things from you - thank you for sharing your days with us!

Anonymous said...

Be very careful about posting this kind of information on the internet. Putting up a complete schedule of your day for a week gives people with less... Wholesome intents... A clear window into the routine of your house, from when you're most likely to be away and how long, to when your husband is home and not home (and you're alone with kids). For example, reading in the past that your husband is in law enforcement and seeing your schedule posted here, I know what shift he works and can approximate his travel time to and from work.

I only mention it because a girl on a forum I frequent did the same thing, and a month or so later found that posting her schedule openly and ready available enabled a man who was obsessed with her teenage daughter.

I'm sure your husband would agree that, while being so open with your readers is a wonderful thing, not everybody who reads this blog does so with the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you plan to do things and then how your day really went.
When I was nursing it seemed that I was sitting down to fed every couple of hours instead of the 3 to 4 hours you get in between. Also, I recall full days that were spent rocking a screaming, teething baby. Maybe you have those days occassionally too?
Rita in Oly

Mom2fur said...

After you dusted Samuel...was he nice and shiny?
Sorry--couldn't resist!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Ha ha - I meant dusted Samuel's room! :)

Eleanor Joyce said...

Hi Monica - I wish I'd been as organized as you when my kids were little! I stopped by to invite you to enter the giveaway contest on my blog. I know you'd love the magazine.

Susan said...

Wow, you are efficient. I am learning a lot too. The anonymous message about the warning about posting your schedule gave me the chills. It is such a bummer that there are stalkers out there. Sometimes I wonder if I put too much info on my website.

Timalee said...

I have enjoying this series and seeing how someone else structures their days, especially while nursing a little one. But you seem to get alot more crossed off your to-do list than I do, Good for you!

By the way, I just posted my version of your Proverbs 31 craft "WORTH". Please stop by and check it out, I had a great time crafting it this afternoon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It seems unusual to me that your older children only spend 8-9 hours a day awake? Is that accurate? Are they actually sleeping or simply told to stay in their rooms? I'm doing the math...7:40-12:15 and then 3:30-7:50?

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is pretty rare for Emily and Rachel to go to sleep by 8pm. 9 or 9:30pm is more accurate. And they usually sleep from about 1pm until 3:15 at nap time. Remember, Emily is three and Rachel is not quite two yet. So they probably get around 12 hours a day of sleep.

They often play for a while before going to sleep. Sometimes quietly and in bed, other times not :)