Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Activity Bags

There were several questions/comments about the Activity Bags I mentioned in my daily schedule posts. I will share a few more things about these:

Do you find that both your girls like those activity bags or just the older one? I have a 2 and a half year old boy and I am thinking he would really like that! What age do you think they started enjoying those?

Emily (3 1/2) does enjoy playing with more of a variety of the bags whereas Rachel (22 months) is kind of happy playing with the scraps to the foam letters! The point is that I present it as an exciting thing to get to bring them out - we don't do it every day, etc... And, I sit and do it with them, for at least part of the time. Right now, there is a learning curve to knowing what each bag entails and how to use it - so I am participating with them. My personal thought is that Rachel is on the youngest edge of children who would enjoy these - though I think they will last us a few years of enjoyment.

I don't have much experience with these yet as we are just introducing this - any other moms want to share your thoughts?

What is in those activity bags?!

Obviously, I cannot just print a list here of all the bags or no one would purchase their book. But, here are a couple to give you an idea of what types of activities are included. One bag contains a magnifying glass and small objects to observe. Another has an ABC chart and a set of foam ABC letters, your child matches up the letter to the chart and so on.

Mary Ann shared about gathering a group of friends to do this together.

This is actually presented in detail in the book. And, is how they started assembling their own bags. I have done my set myself - but if you had a group of friends to do this with - that would be great too!


Anonymous said...

This is a nice fun, informal way of introducing new things to your children. They will learn as they are having fun. The possibilites are endless.

When I first read your post, I misunderstood what the activity bags were. I had to read up on your other post.

When our children were younger and we traveled I always packed something called a "FUN BAG" for each of them. Actually it was all in a backpack so they could carry it. But it had crayons, coloring books, drawing know the blank kind for younger kids. I even made BINGO cards with different street signs in the boxes. Stop signs, construction signs...each time they saw one they would cross out the sign they saw until they got BINGO. As they grew, I changed up the things in the bag. When they learned how to read, they got books in there. My daughter likes to journal, so she would get one of those. Son likes history, so I made sure he had things that pertained to that. He also like word searches, dot to dots, etc.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Cheryl about the street sign bingo. I might have to try that sometime.

Christine said...

I did the Activity Bags at a swap and it was great.They contain so many learning activities to keep the little ones busy!