Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clean Heart: Part Seventeen

Do my thoughts reflect a clean heart?

This is another area I've struggled with over the years. Growing up, I was a chronic worrier. I've lost countless hours of sleep, made myself physically ill, and wasted lots of time on this. In recent years - God has provided much relief and healing in this area as He has taught me about how and why I shouldn't worry.

But, worry is just one area. Judgmental thoughts, thoughts of jealousy or comparison, what-if and if-only thoughts and allowing discontentment to creep in through my thoughts. I had a revelation when I realized that a thought can come into my mind - it isn't mine, isn't my responsibility until I allow myself to dwell on it or think about it.

Years ago, I committed Philippians 4:8 to memory to help me in this and I have said it over and over to myself through the years. Philippians 4:6-7, 1 Peter 5:7 and 2 Corinthians 10:5 are among a host of others that have been sources of great comfort as well as great challenge.

Having a thought life that reflects a clean heart requires great discipline to reject the thoughts that do not please God and replace them with things that do. It requires that true, noble and right thoughts are hidden in my heart to draw on when I need them.


Anonymous said...

Taking every thought captive is a lifelong pursuit, possible only with God's help! I'm glad and thankful you have experienced relief and healing in the area of worry -- I know how you struggled with it! Thanks for sharing -- Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I could have written your post word-for-word. Thank you for this reminder of the great scriptures the Lord has given us to hold onto for hope and healing!

Ellie said...

I hope you will share more about how you overcame worry. It is over taking my life these days it feels like.

Julie said...

I struggle with worrying about finances and being content with what we have. It's difficult to make progress at times. Instead of being thankful for what we do have, I dwell on what needs to be repaired or replaced!

LynnMarie said...

I too struggle with worry. I worry that by time I get to retire, I will not be able to because the price of everything keeps going up. Thank you for reminding me of WHO is in charge.

~katie~ said...


This is something that I'm so convicted of as well. I'm so thankful that we have a Father who knows our weaknesses and has just the right way to help and guide us. Thanks as always for these challenging posts.

Blessings to you!

Rebecca said...

Hi Monica,
Yes, so true! It's amazing how our mind really is a battlefield and if our thoughts are not taken captive how it can turn to disaster!

I am so thankful that the Lord has brought you healing - as I think it gets even harder when children are in the picture.

I am thinking of you...we should talk soon.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for this post. I, too,struggle with worry and negative thinking and appreciate your willingness to share Scripture that have helped you.


Anonymous said...

Wow this couldn't have come at a better time...I know we are not supposed to worry but it seems so hard not too for me...tomorrow (Friday) I am having oral surgery and I am WORRIED about it, I keep telling myself to not worry but so far it hasn't helped...I am going to go look up those verses as soon as I am done posting this comment...
Thanks so much
Blessings, Joann

Lana Manis said...

Phil. 4:8 is one of my VERY favorites! It has been such a nice visit here at your blog. Thank you for sharing.