Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Three Years!

Three years ago today, I became a "Mrs" ~ after years of praying for God to bring just the right man into my life to be my husband! What a special day and it has just been getting better since then! David, I love you! (Above photo credit: Stacy Richardson)

Each year around our anniversary - I write in this journal to David. Just whatever is on my heart and mind including reasons I love and appreciate him. I started this journal long before I ever met him as a gift of my thoughts to my future husband. And, I gave it to David as a wedding gift three years ago today - I will give it to him again today, with new thoughts and words in it so it will be a gift all over again.

We always go out for a really nice dinner to the same place on our anniversary! We sit in the same spot if it is available and, so far, have even had the same thing to eat each year! God is good!


Mary Ann said...

Happy anniversary! You are so very blessed! What a sweet gift for your husband(the journal).

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet gift you have for your husband. I have never known anyone as creative as you are. You are blessed with wonderful ideas for so many different areas of your life.

Hope your day is very special!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary!

Bless you guys,
Michelle from MI

Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lisa said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.


Terri said...

Happy Anniversary to you,
Happy Anniversary to you,
Happy Anniversary, God bless you,
Happy Anniversary to you!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. And great way to help your dh know you better.

Hope your anniversary day and evening are blessed. :-)

Thanks for visitng my site today. Yes, I would like to go through your Lent bible study. My email is susan@cnchurch.org.

Thanks so much for sharing your life and resources.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)
Lots of love - Mom

Chrissy said...

Happy Anniversary! That journal will make a wonderful treasure someday for your children.

It's a Mom Thing said...

What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary and I hope you have a fantastic evening together.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great evening.

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many more in the years to come.

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the journal idea and I am going to add that in May when we celebrate our seventh anniversary. Thanks for such a special idea!

Stunning wedding photo too!

Jthemilker said...

I love the journal idea. I may have to adopt your idea; however since I'm already married I may need to be modifying it. Your wedding photo is grand as well... I love weddings! Congrats!!!!