Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm helping with Vacation Bible School this week and am working in one of the craft tents. We're making these bandanas wtih beads strung on them...the kids seem to think they are fun! It's been mid-90's + in the SHADE with really high humidity, so helping with this is about all I'm accomplishing this week. I get home and lay down, I guess being almost 8 months pregnant and the heat don't mix well together! :)


Angie said...

You better be careful with these temps so high! The heat index is gonna pretty high again today! My daughters, both of them, got overheated yesterday at VBS.
Oh, I hope that they get to make the bandana. It is so cute.
Well, I hope you drink lots of water and stay cool today!
Have a good one!

Mindy said...

Do take care of yourself...drink plenty of water!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!! What a blessing! Have a wonderful day..God bless!