Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spring Cleaning: Living Room

Note: David usually cleans out the I'm saving that and the firewood box for him to do this weekend, which he agreed to do so it won't be on my list of cleaning today. Thanks, David!

* Dust light fixture and ceiling fan
* Take down curtains and shake outside
* Dust blinds
* Wash windows inside and out
* Dust mantle
* Dust plants
* Dust lamp shades with lint roller
* Dust top edges and arms of couches with lint roller
* Vacuum out underneath couch/chair cushions
* Rotate cushions
* Vacuum behind couches
* Dust everything
* Shake rugs outside (washed last week with other rugs)
* Vacuum
* Re-hang curtains
* Change furnace/air conditioner filter

Update: I was extremely unmotivated to do this room today and even considered pushing it to another day - but I am glad that it is done! Posting this stuff is helping to keep me accountable to do it! Also, the entry way was scheduled for tomorrow - but being so small and knowing I would not want to get all the cleaning supplies/ladder out again tomorrow, I did that today as well. I finished both rooms in 1 hr. 34 minutes. Is anyone else spring cleaning with me?

Entry Way:
* Dust light fixture
* Wash window inside/out
* Wash window in door inside/out
* Dust
* Shake Rug (already washed last week)
* Sweep Floor

Next: Master Bedroom/Bath Feb. 21


Anne said...

You've helped to motivate me! I'm starting tomorrow -- tackling the dining room first. I'm also planning to have a yard sale in March, so I'll declutter as I go.

Mary Ann said...

I like how you list the time it took you to finish each space. That's a great motivator for me to know that if I get in and do it, it won't take me all day! I worked on the laundry room today. Amazing what I accomplished in an hour. (It is my laundry room, pantry, back porch and general catch-all room in one!)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Great! It is helping me to list things out here - so glad it is encouraging others too! Isn't it a nice feeling when something is clean and organized? Now, if we could just figure out how to keep it that way...hmm...