Thursday, February 16, 2006


Lately I've been reading the Little House books again as it has been a while. But, somehow this time around my perspective seems to be so different. Perhaps because I'm married, or perhaps because I have a daughter, I'm not sure.

But, I look at how Pa is always wanting to move. They move, get settled, and hmm, something isn't the way he thought it would be here and they move again. Ma seems patient enough with all of this, but I probably would not be. Especially because the way Pa picks a place to live is by how it seems at the time he sees it - he does think through what the provisions would be for his family and I appreciate that - but, I'm feeling weary for them and I'm only in the 4th book!

It seemed like their life in the Big Woods was great - near family, plenty of food, home, neighbors, not far from town, but I guess there was no school for the girls. Then it just seems like move after move.

Ok, enough whining - there are many great lessons I can learn from this family and much I can learn and appreciate about both their way of life and the conveniences I have available to me on a daily basis.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

How interesting that you are looking at the Little House books from a different perspective at this season in your life. I think I came to the same conclusion several years ago -- which is why I haven't read those books in several years. (Remember how I used to read them nearly every winter?)

You are correct that there are lots of things that can be learned -- resourcefulness, cheerfulness in spite of circumstances, and gratitude for blessings -- but I don't think I could be as patient or agreeable as Caroline Ingalls!

Love you -- Mom