Friday, January 13, 2006

Submit A Name!

As we enter 2006, I am pleased to say that our family will be growing! We are expecting a baby in early August!

With Emily, we kept the name a secret and came up with an "alternate" and gender-neutral name to call her in the meantime so we had something to call the poor child! We called her "Moonbeam".

Well, the time is upon us to come up with another such name to call this baby and we are having a hard time thinking of something. So, can you help? Please submit any ideas! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I have a girlfriend that has six children and she and her husband did the same thing with the neutral name for each one. I am only remembering a few of them, though...Dumplin', Peanut and Button. I thought it was really cute the way that they were all able to refer to the baby without calling it "it" or "the baby." It was really cute with their older kids too. Some of the names stuck as occational nicknames too!

Megan said...

Okay, so I didn't make it up! I have no names to offer, but I will say this: CONGRATULATIONS!!! What exciting news!

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations! How about Frances/Francis? Also my sister in law called her 3rd Baby Three.It was really cute-her oldest had a name to call the baby. Maybe something to do with it being the second child?

Stacy said...


That is so fun! Ok My favorite nickname for Grace these days is "Sugar buns" but she has been "punkin head" "sugar" "sweet thing" "schnookums" "baby Sweets"

Ok as I am listing these thing I am thinking...I am weird!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica:

These are some really cute suggestions! :) This morning I saw a brand name called Snuggle Bunny and thought that might be an option, too.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Baby Snuggles is my personal favorite!