Friday, November 12, 2021

A Porch Sit

Although it was cool, I cozied up and enjoyed a slow time on the porch a couple of the mornings we were there. This was the first morning and I wrote an article which will be featured on a blog in December {I'll share it soon!} and enjoyed just the crisp, peacefulness of being outside. 

Family and friends were nearby playing and watercoloring and I was snuggled up under a little lap quilt I made earlier this Fall using the Songbook fabric by Fancy That Design House - it is soooo cute!

My Dad used to say he was going to have a porch sit and that is what came to my mind when I thought of this!


Mom said...


Unknown said...

Did you use 5in squares or 10in? Your quilt is beautiful!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thanks so much! I don't measure my squares equally - I piece them randomly, so they are all different sizes!

*carrie* said...

Love that you brought all these "cozies" along!