Friday, January 15, 2021

Joyful Life Blog Feature: Inviting Cozy In


Several years ago, I hosted a wreath-making party in my home for some friends. Some of the ladies who came were new friends I didn’t know very well and one, specifically, had never been to my house before. After this guest had been in my home for a while, she said, “Your house makes me want to put my feet up and watch a Christmas movie!” That comment may have been spontaneous and unmemorable to her, but I have never forgotten it. To me it said that she felt at home, at ease, comfortable, welcomed, and cozy.

Cozy is a word frequently repeated in our home, and if our family had a one-word theme, this would be it. We love cozy. Even the word evokes thoughts of comforting quilts, glowing candles, time suspended while enjoying simple pleasures in life, a pot of soup, a loaf of homemade bread, soft instrumental music playing in the background, comfy slippers, the smell of cinnamon, and our beloved Beagle snuggled down in the covers.

Many of us know cozy when we see it or experience it and yet wonder how to multiply the beauty of coziness in our homes and lives. But I think even before we consider how to add coziness to our homes, we need to first look at our hearts.

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Such an insightful and well composed article, Monica!! I enjoyed it and the truthfulness in it.

Andrea L.

dictnation said...

It reminds me Christmas day in Spain with friends, nice family dinner.