Monday, December 14, 2020

Little Women Themed Event

Each year of high school, our homeschool community with Classical Conversations each class is encouraged to host a Protocol event to allow the students to spend some time practicing and learning about etiquette, enjoying a formal event and something cultural. 

With 2020, this has been a little bit daunting to know how to proceed, so this summer my Mom and I were on a walk and started brainstorming ideas and this idea was born! Rachel's class is a group of three lovely young ladies, and since they are studying American Literature this year, we decided to see if we could host a Little Women themed event. 

Several weeks ago, I made some fun invitations and another mom and I had a great time planning the event around this theme!

As per 2020 norm, our idea sort of changed a bit through the process and at the last minute - but it was a lovely success and all the girls were just delighted with the results!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of our friends home - I made beef stew over mashed potatoes and we also had biscuits with apple butter and cranberry relish. 

After dinner, each of us moms read a letter we had written to our daughters. It was so special! Then it was time to walk to the neighborhood clubhouse where we had hired a dance instructor to come teach us some historical dances. This was a highlight of the evening for all of us. On the walk over, the girls held battery candles and sang carols - so lovely.

We learned the Virginia Reel, Carolina Promenade, Kings & Queens and a fourth dance that I'm not sure we know the title of! My favorite was the Virginia Reel, but the whole thing was so fun and such a great workout!

After dancing, it was time for a craft! This was very calming and relaxing after our invigorating hour dancing! We made clove studded oranges and then were ready for a bit of refreshment. A friend had made these little cakes to look like a Christmas pudding - they were gingerbread cakes with frosting and holly on top. We enjoyed these with hot apple cider and good conversation. 

Finally, the girls made beeswax taper candles and each received a beautiful copy of Little Women to remember their special event!

Our decor included simple natural elements: greenery, pinecones, dried orange slices, cranberry and evergreen candle jars and red ribbon. 

Here are some photos of our little women!

One of our friends was not able to join because of quarantine - so we took a party in a basket to her the next day! 

PS: I was super proud of the fact that my outfit cost $2! The gingham skirt and dotted sweater were each thrifted for $1 a piece! 


*carrie* said...

A lovely and festive evening--good work, mamas!

Mom said...

This was an absolutely delightful evening, and I'm so pleased I could be part of it! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The table was gorgeous and the food sounds so yummy...good comfort food!! Everyone looked beautiful and the video of the girls dancing was so fun!
The invitations were so cute, Monica and the way everything fit the theme was so neat!
Sooo you!! Thanks for sharing all of this with us! I loved it!! Love you, Grandma

Kristi Henson said...

This is all so very, very lovely! Good work mama.