Thursday, April 23, 2020


This is a word my sister uses and it seems appropriate just to list some random things from around here lately -

Seeing everyone posting about sourdough and having Emily ask me for ages to restart ours, I did finally get my starter going again this past week. We're dreaming of fresh bread already. This is a great day by day guide to getting a starter going.

We started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - she is adorable and we are inspired! The girls and I love it.

These crinkle top brownies have that yummy top like a box mix but are even better with that homemade taste - yum!

Due to the library being closed, I've finally succumbed to reading ebooks - I'll still stick with my preference of paper books, but I admit it is better than not having new books to read and it is extremely handy to check books out without leaving the house! Currently reading: The Number of Love by Roseanna M. White.

I'm enjoying the Dwell app which reads Scripture to you - it has been nice to have it on while painting or getting other tasks completed and filling my mind with God's Word.

Thinking about: re-entry to "real life" after the slower pace of the quarantine. How to balance slow while also needing connection and community with others? I know there will be a ton of things getting rescheduled and it will feel busy so I want to be intentional about balance.

We are getting so much enjoyment out of watching little sprouts poke their heads up in our garden! What are some simple pleasures you are enjoying?


Mom said...

I agree that ebooks are not my favorite, but they are good for traveling and for when the library is closed. I do have quite a stack of books that I'm working my way through, but I'm also reading through a book series via the library - so ebooks are my only option for that. Other simple pleasures I'm enjoying are taking walks, working jigsaw puzzles, and binge watching the most recent two seasons of Heartland via a trial subscription to Up Faith and Family. :)

Jen said...

Thank you for recommending the Dwell app! I have been using (or trying to use!) another app with audio Bible and have found it's not at all user friendly. I will try Dwell this afternoon.

Also, I have yet to succumb to ebooks, although I'm getting desperate, too. LOL!

I did accomplish the HUGE project of scanning and filing/storing online ALL our family photos and many older photos from my family and my husband's family. It was nearly 3000 photos, and I know my mom has some more for me when I get to see her again. It was time-consuming and not exactly fun, but I am SO glad to have it done. My grown kids have been able to log on (I used Flickr) and see all the photos, which they have loved. I've had that on my "to-do"list for YEARS, and I am so glad it's behind me now.

I've been walking a lot and playing games. Our youngest son is home from college and we have been introducing him to some of our favorite 80s movies, which I've enjoyed as well. He is hoping to do an out-of-state internship this summer, so all this time with him is an unexpected bonus that I'm really enjoying--if I could just keep him fed. LOL!