Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Bread and Garden Update!

Here's a little peek into our garden again! I have gotten so much enjoyment out of this process and tossing bread-making into the equation has had me really loving all the homey things!

My sourdough starter was not feeling too happy - it hadn't started bubbling and I was discouraged but hanging in there to try and wait for it to get happy! Meanwhile, a sweet local friend offered me some of her sourdough starter and I was thrilled to accept and man, that starter is so bubbly and happy!

The struggle is that there are so many variables that affect sourdough and I like black and white things! Ha!

My first two loaves of bread were flat and not very impressive at all. The next two have been lovely and I tried a new recipe, so I'm going to stick with that new recipe for now and see how it goes. But I'm thrilled to have made a couple of beautiful loaves and hoping to keep that pattern going.

My family loves sourdough bread and I haven't been able to find any lately plus it is honestly so expensive to buy and so inexpensive to make. All that to say, I'm enjoying the experiment of making it and feel like a scientist twice a day when I'm weighing my flour and water and mixing!

Do you have any favorite recipes for using your sourdough discards? I'm saving them in a jar in the fridge to make pancakes or something out of but would love to hear your suggestions!

Here is another new recipe I tried recently that we really enjoyed.


Agnes said...

Your garden is thriving, nice work :)
your bread looks very good too!

*carrie* said...

Your garden looks great, as does the bread! Great job!

Evie said...

Your garden is so pretty. And your loaf of bread looks like it came from a bakery. :)