Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Favorite Posts of 2019

Here are my favorite posts from 2019 - one per month for the year:

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The Season of Light

As I look back over 2019, I realize how many blessings and graces God poured out on us - here are a few highlights:

I landed on a grading system for High School homeschool and have implemented it and used it each week this first semester.
Attended the Writing With Grace retreat in Waco in February.
Completed my second book: Beauty Maker!
Submitted four articles to two publications and two of them were published in Bella Grace issues!
Spent the month of April baking one recipe from the British Baking Show per week - such fun!
Attended the Downton Exhibition in Florida.
Finally made it to Michigan to visit David's mom and her husband.
Hosted a neighbor ice cream social after wanting to for years.
Completed a Colorado closure trip.
Went camping.
Enjoyed lots of slow and special family times.
Read 63 books! I consider this a huge accomplishment for myself!

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Kristin said...

This is quite an impressive list of accomplishments on top of all the responsibilities I know you already have! Especially reading all those books! Way to go! And I love that your first one is a HS grading system that works! I would love to hear about it too!