Wednesday, March 06, 2019


Being within walking distance of the Silos Bakery was definitely a treat! Being able to bypass long lines by waking up and heading over just as they opened felt both fun and efficient!

Retreats always seem idyllic as we "retreat" from daily expectations and focus on different things like rest, inner work, fun and friendship. Gathering in person with friends I only know from our online monthly calls was a step outside my comfort zone but I'm so glad I took that step!

It felt decadent to do something like this for myself - and a little scary too - catching flights, getting a rental car, picking up new friends and navigating unfamiliar roads are all a little daunting! But in times like this we can often see God's hand more readily because we are in such new territory and relying on Him in greater proportion!

Pulling up to the adorable house we stayed in and having the sweet lead of our group throw open the door felt like such a warm welcome and friends, that is what I want this place to be for you each time you come - a place of warm welcome and one that leaves you feeling refreshed and grateful.

Side note and interesting fact: we asked how many cupcakes they bake every day. Get ready for it: 4,000-5,000. A.DAY. My mind has been trying to figure out how this is humanly possible every day since.

By faith, I bought cupcakes for my family in hopes of them making it through airport security - it was a risk, but I'm happy to say they made it through! It was fun to be able to surprise them with a fun treat!

Enjoy a few photos of the bakery!


*carrie* said...

Everything is so cute!

Just curious--did you notice if they had any allergy-friendly baked items?

Mom said...

4,000 - 5,000 cupcakes a day - wow! So glad you got to experience this :)