Monday, November 25, 2019

Forced Resting

Well good morning! It's me again, the one who fell off the face of the earth again. Almost two weeks ago now, I started feeling worn down as the day continued and slightly feverish. Emily had just had a fever so I thought it was just my turn. That day of fever turned into four more full days and nights of fever. Finally the sixth morning, I woke up feeling maybe worse than I have ever felt in my entire life - I asked David to take me to the doctor and for those of you who know how I feel about going to the doctor, you know that means I felt bad!

We started with a trip to the Urgent Care because I really thought it was probably the flu. My head hurt so bad though that I just could hardly think straight. Started off that visit with vitals of course and I had a 104.7 temp. I hadn't been checking my temperature at home but honestly I didn't think I was that feverish that morning so I was obviously just so out of it. Flu test came back negative so then it was the question of what is it then? The Urgent Care said they really couldn't help me because I needed more than they could provide so I got a pre-arranged ticket right into the ER.

It was a flurry of activity at the ER but thanks to a Tylenol at the Urgent Care, at least my temp had lowered to 100.8 just by the time we got there. Pain meds, fluids, antiobiotics, steroid were immediately pumped into an IV. Chest x-rays, lots of questions, EKG, two CT scans, a second blood draw - obviously there was infection but we just needed to find it. The doctor came back with the answer: pneumonia in my lower right lung lobe.

So. Things are slow here - I got to come right home with the promise of going back in the next day for a re-check which I did and felt like a new person already. It is amazing how much better I felt that next day. Pneumonia is new to me and I confess I've never really gotten what it was, but I'm starting to understand it day by day here as I slow my days to lots of resting and recovering.

So many friends have jumped right in with food, magazines, flowers, help dropping off and picking up kids, delivering my grocery pick up and more. And our kids and David have done so much to help with cooking, cleaning, caring for the basics, errands and doing schoolwork.

Every need is met just right on time even if I didn't see how it would work. Even though my body is slow right now, my mind has been reawakened and my creativity reinvigorated. So there are a lot of things to process and lessons to share. But the point is this, this is at least partly my fault. I have been pushing hard lately and I knew it always just trying to get one more thing accomplished or finished. Now I'm regretting that of course, but can only move forward and press in to the lessons I can learn.

I guess I'm just saying that I'll be sharing some of these things here too. Maybe just for me, but maybe it will be a blessing or encouragement to some of you as well.

In some ways I have found the timing somewhat poignant as well. This past week marked the eleven year anniversary of my Dad's cancer diagnosis and we also just crossed the eleventh month since he went to be with the Lord. Being a patient just identified me a little more closely with a teeny bit of what he endured.

And I remembered one of his running groups used to have shirts that said "Oxygen is over-rated." Because of course they run at high altitude where the air is thin. We have used that phrase over and over through the years but this week I was thinking the opposite. I was thinking how intimately we depend on oxygen and spend so much of our days not even thinking about it. When trying not to cough, keep breathing smooth and easy, etc. oxygen is of utmost importance.

There will be a lot more slow pix from home and hopefully some additional things I'm learning or enjoying reading or listening to that I will share in the days ahead. For now, just listening to my body and doing what feels restful and peaceful.

May God go before each of us into this Thanksgiving week with hearts of gratitude and reminders of what is really needed.


Unknown said...

Praying for you, sweet friend! I have had 2 distinct periods of time since being a mother where God has allowed sickness to "force my hand" on my priorities and what I was seeking after... a lot of good, hard lessons... I pray for rest for you! don't push yourself! pneumonia is sneaky and likes to creep up again if you don't take time to heal...
love and hugs to you!

Mom said...

Dear sweet daughter, I am so sorry you've been so sick and so thankful you are on the mend. I'm thankful for the friends and family who are helping you, for the doctors and nurses who provided skilled treatment, and that you are taking it S.L.O.W.! I look forward to being there soon! Love and prayers!!

Mary Ann said...

Praying for you, Monica! Rest, rest, rest. I’m glad you have such a great support system around you to provide the help you’ve needed. I had pneumonia twice as a child—at 4 yrs old and then again at 14. I remember feeling so so sick. It’s scary to not be able to breathe freely. After the second bout with pneumonia, I didn’t bounce back like I should’ve and was diagnosed with asthma soon after. I got the pneumonia shot then and haven’t had it since, thankfully. Hopefully this is a one time thing for you!

Jen said...

So thankful you paid attention to your body and went to the doctor! I had pneumonia in college, far from home, and I remember being just miserable. Take it easy, rest, and let those sweet friends HELP and BLESS you--as I'm sure you've done for them in the past. Prayers for swift and smooth healing!