Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Downsizing the To-Do List

With needing to spend lots of time being still, and also knowing how much I love lists - I knew I needed some sort of visual that could help me through the extra sitting time and also to be intentional with the rest that I am experiencing.

Plus, feeling purposeless can really drag things down so I thought if I had a few key areas to make sure to focus on each day that didn't take lots of energy, it would be a win-win.

During one of my sleepless nights {hello steroid keeping me awake} the idea trickled into my mind and I just sort of typed a few notes about it on my phone. The next day I knew this was something I wanted to try to make a priority right away - Rachel helped me print them out and I just clipped them together with a binder clip.

Tree: reminder to spend time outside. So far, this has just been sitting on the porch, but that's ok - the fresh air have been a blessing and it is refreshing to be outside in nature. The weather may not be cooperative every day, but I'm hoping there is a way to do something outside each day.

Bible: obviously an important reminder to spend time with the Lord. There is just enough room to make a note of which passage I read or of other things I want to jot down.

Hands: this is my opportunity to do something with my hands every day. The value and rest of creating with my hands is a real thing to me, it may not be to everyone - but for me it will aid my recovery to create beauty even if it is small.

Family: spend time with my family. So far this has looked like just watching something together or playing a game but the point is being together. One of my favorite things to do is read aloud to all of our kids and unfortunately I can't do that right now, so we are just being creative in spending time together.

Listen: I want to listen to something edifying every day. It might be a song, a podcast or something else. But the other thing is I'm trying not to do other things during the listening but to just sit and take it in.

Camera: this is a reminder to me to take a picture of at least one beauty in my day each day. I've also been using this space to jot little things I'm learning or something I want to remember about the day.

Little boxes: these are for me to track my computer time. I'm not counting watching a show with my kids, but time working on my blog or answering email. Each of these is for 20 minutes but I haven't filled them all once yet.

Gratitude: this is self-explanatory but because it is right here it is easier to be intentional about writing things down through the day that cheer me such as Emily bringing a big beautiful maple leaf inside to show me or the way the sunlight is streaming through the windows.

I've also really enjoyed having the backs open on these cards - if I come across a meaningful quote, something during my quiet time or browsing online that I want to make a note of, I'm jotting it here. These cards are probably going to sort of turn into a journal of my sick days where I've noted important or valuable reminders.

If you are interested in incorporating something like these little cards, you can download the pdf for this file here.

For today:
Outside: sat on the porch
Bible: Psalm 23
Hands: made these little cards
Family: watched a show and a movie
Listened: Emily Freeman podcast


Unknown said...

Those would be so perfect for ANYONE going through a prolonged stretch with their health... I know as a nurse that loss of "productivity" can really be difficult for people... It would be neat if you could share them with a blog or resource that specifically ministers to people with chronic health problems or even just your local cancer society :-)
I think your little hands could stand for prayer, too... I am convinced more and more that we are lacking great prayer warriors in our churches...
Hope you are getting better, day by day! Leanne

Connie said...

hi monica....this idea is AMAZING! i'm definitely going to do this along with you. thanks for sharing :)

Mom said...

Great idea and very creative! Love and prayers!!