Monday, August 19, 2019

Beauty Maker is Born!

Cue the confetti! Break out the balloons! I'm excited to share all about my new book Beauty Maker: The Ministry of God-Given Beauty today!

The idea for this book started well before Slow Lane was published and I started writing it three summers ago. It is finally finished and ready to share with all of you and I couldn't be more thankful.

This book is very similar in layout/format to my first book. A handbook of sorts with Bible study charts, reflection questions and full color photos. This book has a couple of extra things including some hand-drawn journaling pages that go with specific chapters and a set of ten hands-on projects in the back for your own beauty making fun!

Several dear ladies have written endorsements for this book - you can read them here!

Thirteen chapters will walk readers through seeing God as the first beauty maker and then our response to the beauty He has created in following chapters. I think when we enjoy beauty that God has made and wired us to enjoy, it is a form of worshiping Him and responding to what He has gifted to us.

During each chapter, we'll stop and look at Scripture that brings truths from God's Word to apply to beauty making in our own lives today. From beauty making in the home, at our tables, in taking adventures and more - readers will walk through prompts and study to reinforce the ideas introduced.

From the back of the book:

Step into this interactive handbook that combines journal prompts, projects and Bible Study as you pursue the one true Beauty Maker and learn how He has equipped you to create and enjoy beauty as well.

Who is a beauty maker? Aside from learning about God and beauty in the Bible, consider how you bring beauty to both your own life and the lives of those around you. Every time you give a hug, snip a flower, enjoy a sunset or listen to music you are a beauty maker. When you lighten a load, serve a meal, care for your home and more - you are cultivating beauty. 

If you have an appreciation of beauty - this book is for you! If you desire to have an appreciation for beauty - this book is for you! Either way, these pages will guide you through thinking about God, who created beauty, and how we use the gifts He has invested in our own lives.

Each chapter includes journal prompts for you to process what you've learned and ideas for both cultivating and enjoying beauty. Hands-on projects are included which will allow you to create beauty for yourself or to share with someone else. Consider how beauty can be a blessing and how we can honor God by enjoying His beauty!

What questions do you have about Beauty Maker? Thank you for your support of this project and friendship to me! I would love to have you share this book!

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Mom said...

Hooray! Congratulations on the "birth" of this second beautiful book! :) So proud of you!!

Carrie said...

Your books (both of them!) look so beautiful. I am wanting to get one or the other, can't afford both right now. Do you recommend starting with Slow Lane, or does it matter? I assumed they were both able to "stand alone" as studies/books, but wanted to check. I love your posts and all the beauty you create for your family. Beauty is on my heart too, but I feel like I am usually too scattered and running behind too much to actually accomplish it. I'd love to hear more of how you plan for beauty and slow days in your life (especially in the busyness of the homeschool year). Perhaps your book goes into that more...or I need to read back through your blog a bit. I used to follow you years ago, somehow forgot about your blog for a while, and then found it again this year. I'm so glad I did. :)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thanks Carrie! Welcome back! While these books are very similar in format, they do stand alone! I have a lot of posts about slow on my blog and you can use the slow label in the sidebar to quickly sort posts related to that topic! :)