Beauty Maker: The Ministry of God-Given Beauty

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Endorsements for Beauty Maker:

“With an eye for loveliness and a heart for truth, Monica Wilkinson invites her reader to not only see but experience the Lord’s presence, glory, and beauty in daily life. This is a rich handbook for walking through life with wonder -- and letting that wonder point us back to the God who created it all.”  - Ann Swindell, author of Still Waiting and founder of Writing with Grace

“In Beauty Maker: The Ministry of God-Given Beauty, Monica Wilkinson offers wisdom-based insight into our God-endowed responsibility to create and nurture beauty in our lives. She hosts a lovely walk through Scripture that encourages each of us to create beauty in our own spaces using the talents given to us by God as part of his purposeful design. Her truth-based challenges and practical suggestions for creating beauty offer both inspiration and conviction to be the Beauty Maker we are meant to be.” - Courtney K. Steed, author of Living Simplicity: a journey to embracing a fully supplied life 

“Monica has the delightful gift of making those around her feel instantly at home, and her heart for reflecting the Lord’s love and hospitality is on full display here. Beauty Maker is a warm and winsome journey through God’s Word and through His glorious works embedded in our everyday lives. I came away refreshed and inspired to see the world around me in new and beautiful ways.”- Katie S. Williams, writer, artist, and nature photographer

“In Beauty Maker, Monica invites us on a journey to cultivating more beauty -- in our surroundings and in our souls. Her words inspired me to prioritize taking time to create more beauty in our home and to prioritize taking time to be a noticer of the beauty that is all around me. My favorite part of the book? The rich and yet simple photos that showcase how Monica lives out her message in her everyday life.”  - Crystal Paine, New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, and founder of

“With the grace, honesty, and love of a close friend, Monica walks alongside readers in a journey of discovering more of who God is and who we are made to be, beauty makers. Stunning pictures, reflective questions, and poignant journaling prompts point to the beauty of God. These beautiful words will leave you encouraged, refreshed, and more in awe of God.” - Hilary Poyer, writer and fellow Writing With Grace Mastermind member

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