Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Slow Saturday Evening

Saturdays hold so much potential it can be hard to decide which way to commit our time! So many possibilities, so much opportunity and more flexible time can sometimes be deceiving. What we need isn't more - but rather less, right? Less on the calendar, less clutter, less expectations - this is where slow and rest can settle in and feel at home.

We are back to soccer games on Saturday mornings and then I had a big project I wanted to spend most of the afternoon on. By dinner time, I realized I hadn't really rested or enjoyed any beauty and that needed to change!

Emily joined me in the kitchen where we stirred together peppers, onions and ground beef for sandwiches. In between stirrings, we swept piles of leaves and clouds of yellow pollen off the porch. We wiped down chairs and cleared surfaces on tables to embrace the opportunity of eating outside. Fresh air, glowy light and birdsong beckoned us to the porch and it was so nice to be in the great outdoors.

After dinner, there was more time to relax, play cornhole and build a fire to enjoy our read aloud by. I love the simple pleasure of reading together around a fire! Such a delight! The warmth from the fire was a comfort and the changing hues of the sky a wonder. Laughing together and gasping with surprise at the twists and turns in our story made a sweet family memory that I want to treasure and ponder.

I'm never sorry for setting aside time for evenings like this and find they restore and refresh me in unexpected ways every time.

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

My Saturdays are always a whirlwind due to me being a Pastor's wife and I have to prepare so much to help my husband. We are planting a church ao it is very limited with help. "We" are thw team. But I still try to be intentional of slowing. I also have been trying to find beauty and slowness in the midst of busyness. In the midst of music practice, cleaning the church, and preparing so much more for Sunday. Thanks for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

In your post, what is the name of the book/journal with the prompts? Thanks.

Monica Wilkinson said...

It is the most recent Magnolia Journal!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Monica. You continue to be an inspiration to me and my children.

Mom said...

Love!! :)

Jen N said...

Great reminder: I am never sorry for setting aside the time for slow or family memories, either. Thank you for being a place to remind me to make the moments a priority.