Monday, April 01, 2019

March/April Goals

Whew, how can it be the end of another month already? The squares on the calendar fill up and time keeps ticking and pretty soon days and weeks and months have already become history.

How did you do on your March goals?

March Goals:
- follow up on an idea of how to get my book back on Amazon: I am so excited to say that after a year of wondering about this and pursuing ideas on it, it is finally a reality!
- try a British Baking Show recipe once a week: well, this was a HUGE success! And a very delicious experiment as well! Each of our family members chose a recipe from the BBC website.

David chose Paul Hollywood's Jam Doughnuts so this was our first recipe. I don't think I need to tell you how delicious these were, but they were indeed "scrummy!" If you watch British Baking Show - you'll recognize that as something Mary would say!

Next it was Rachel's turn and we made Mary's Victoria Sandwich Cake - very British! We even made the jam from scratch! Another very delish experiment! I would definitely not have gotten a Hollywood handshake for this one as shortly after this photo, everything smooshed out of the cake as I had assembled it just a tad too warm and it melted the buttercream. The taste was on point but the appearance - not so much. It was pretty rich and our least favorite of the recipes we tried this month.

Thirdly, it was Emily's turn and she chose this Chocolate Fudge Cake - this was our favorite of the recipes we've tried and both girls have already requested this cake for their next birthday. It.was.amazing.

I had so much fun trying these new bakes and challenging myself to try these more advanced processes. I enjoyed the beauty of creating something and making something both beautiful to look at and fun to pull up to the table with my family and enjoy! And I will admit to being proud of myself at making things that turned out so pretty - I mean I make food every day but don't always make it look this lovely.

Last but not least, Samuel chose Chocolate Souffle! We've actually made this once before after being inspired by watching the show. I'm hoping we can make this one today since I had to postpone from yesterday - so no photo yet! And, yes, I chose a scone recipe too but we haven't made that yet - have to pace ourselves out! We've shared some of these with friends and have eaten them over several days, what a treat.

May have to do this goal again over the summer!

I've been logging my meals with My Fitness Pal again for a couple of weeks and have been very successful - and in case you are wondering how that works with the above - I limit my portions and I've only had one portion of each rather than multiples. I'm feeling motivated in being diligent in this as I can already tell my clothes are fitting better with being more careful about my portion sizes.

I didn't actually keep track on eating a salad every day, but some days I had two and some days I didn't have any. Overall, I ate a lot of salad so I'm pleased!

As far as drinking more water, I didn't keep track either, but have just tried to be more watchful of drinking more water in general. Like everything, I have days that are better and days that aren't as great.

Ok, so now for April goals! This time of year feels especially busy with programs and end of year parties and things. So, I'm going to try to keep my goals very reasonable as I don't want to add pressure to an already full time.

- host an all day CC training for Directors in my area
- so excited that my Mom will be coming!!! Yippee!
- take a girls road trip for a few days with my Mom and a friend to the Downton Abbey Exhibition in Florida!
- enjoy simple everyday beauty at home
- continue logging my meals in My Fitness Pal: this is successful with me when I'm consistent about it and I want to keep my momentum going!

What are you hoping to complete or continue this next month?


Leanne said...

you will LOVE the Downton Abbey Exhibition! We saw a smaller scale version of it here in Indiana! My favorite part was the costumes... you never really realize the size of actors on the screen or the elaborate detail of the gowns! I'm just a little jealous! Can't wait for the movie!!

Pat said...

For the chocolate cake. Did you use a.l the different sugars ? I have not heard of those. Also the creme thing

PAt said...

Did you use all the different sugars? I had not heard of them or the creme thing

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Pat: I just googled the differences in the ingredients and made do with what I had at home! For the creme fraiche {pronounced crem fresh} - I used sour cream!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

So happy about your upcoming book. I am glad you were able to get it back on Amazon. I love the idea of baking different treats from the show. Neat idea. Bless you on your upcoming goals.