Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cozy Porch Breakfast

Saturday I hosted our local CC Directors for an appreciation breakfast - it was chilly and cozy! The only thought I had about decor was that I wanted to go campy!

I served:
Hashbrown Egg Nests
coffee cake - this recipe is very similar
sugared pecans
gluten free blueberry muffins - just used a mix
pumpkin yogurt parfaits with granola


Anonymous said...

Sweet use of the bottle brush trees. I found a bag of them at a garage sale, but have never
thought of uses past Christmas!
Thank you for sharing ideas using what you have in multiple ways. Our family is in the adult stage and I am trying to whittle belongings down to something easily managed.

Mom said...

Oh. My. Word. This is about as darling as it gets! Love it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very creative ideas!


Pam said...

Just beautiful! Such a treat for your guests!