Monday, October 08, 2018

Making the Most of Things

So much to catch up on, I don't really know where to begin. How about this: I went to Colorado last weekend and had a great visit with my parents!

There is plenty of hard and this was hopefully a ray of light in the midst of that. It was unusual for me to go alone and David and our kids did a great job at home keeping up with things there.

I got to go for a couple of walks with my Dad, we enjoyed the view of the mountains and I pretty much always notice little naturey things when I'm out walking. The way the light shines through them and the interesting shapes of things gives reason to pause and enjoy the beauty.

The junkiest yard on the street is frequently the source of all this interest and variety in things growing. Is that a life lesson? That beauty is found in the least likely places?

We had plenty of slow and the weather was amazing!

It was also fun to be in Colorado in the Fall as it has been years since I've enjoyed that! Seeing a few leaves changing and feeling the change in the air were such a delight.

I feel that one thing we have gotten pretty good at over the years is making the most of our time together. There is a great amount of being intentional and enjoying the time we do have.

Maybe this is one reason I like to stop and look at little nature things - they bloom and grow just as God designed and when I stop to enjoy that, I'm making the most of the beauty right in front of me.

Colossians 4:5b, "...make the most of every opportunity."


eanderso said...

finding beauty in the ashes . . .

love you!

Lisa said...

Prayers for your dad and your family!

Anonymous said...

So thankful you were able to have this time with your folks, Monica. What a blessing for them and you! Love you, Grandma

Mom said...

I love seeing our neighborhood through your eyes (especially how you capture beauty in the non-beautiful yard down the street!!!). So glad you could be here!

Jackie said...


I am so happy that you were able to spend this time with your mom and dad. Walks with your dad made me smile and say thank you God for Monica having this opportunity to go to Colorado.
The leaves made me smile as well. I remember someone sent you leaves that had changed from green to beautiful fall colors one year. Glad you are able to enjoy them this year.


Mary Ann said...

So glad you were able to visit your parents! Time spent with loved ones is a precious gift indeed. I continue to lift your dad up in prayer. What beauty is all around us if only we pause a second to see it. Love your pictures!