Tuesday, October 09, 2018


I like to spend time at home - yes, it is fun to go and do also, but time at home is peaceful, slow and relaxing many times. When I'm at my growing up home - I love to perch up on my Mom's counter and talk to her! This is a common sight when I'm at their house and it was just after our first meal together that I hopped up there!

I enjoyed being outside in the Colorado air - I've never smelled any like it! It is so fresh and lovely! It was a treat to sit and enjoy the back patio with my Mom's company while Dad was napping.

We also went through some family memorabilia and wondered at what uses certain things had and wondered where they came from and many other things!

We talked about the crabapples - how prolific they have been this year, what a fermenting mess they make in the grass and such work. The blooms of Spring are a delight and then the mushy fruit of Fall is a burden. They look Fallish though in their color scheme and withered state here.

This wedding dress has been handed down several generations and is now in tatters and thread-bare. It is fun to imagine that once upon a time it was well made and lovely. And it seems a shame that it is so fragile now.

Other neat things included a hymnal, violin, sewing notions, china, framed documents and more.

Evidence of domestic life in days and years gone before us holds some sort of common thread through the years of dwelling and working to sustain those home places.


Mom said...

Thanks for coming - I'm always happy to have you perched on the kitchen counter! :) Even when these family items have been scattered or disintegrated, we will have these photos to preserve the memory of them - thanks! I wish we knew more about the great-grandmother who wore that wedding dress, or the hands that used the needles and thread to mend or create.

eanderso said...

Love the pix you got of the heirloom items! So glad it worked out for you to go and have this time. Love you!