Monday, July 09, 2018

June/July Goals

I'm overdue to do an update on my June goals and lay out some July goals!

June goals:

- rest a lot while kids are at camp: in progress right now!
- finish up road trip including visiting some friends on the way home and an awesome Revolutionary War patriot day camp for my kids
- help with VBS
- re-enter normal life at home: laundry, cleaning, unpacking, groceries
- continue to pursue options for publishing Slow Lane
- take a day retreat to work on my next book and listen to what is on my heart for the year ahead

All of these were accomplished in June! Setting realistic goals helps so much - sometimes I dream too big and then am disappointed when I don't meet my expectations.

July goals:

- spend as much time at home as possible :)
- go camping together as a family
- start a prayer group online for two things: what is next for my book and future writing and to be able to pray for those who respond
- continue working on refinishing our dining room table and chairs; currently three chairs are stripped of their previous finish - so I have three to go plus the table and then to finish with new stain and/or seal
- organize closets and drawers a little bit each day; I love to start school with things in order!

How about you? How did you do on your June goals and what is on your mind for July?

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Great work on your goals. I did not accomplish much as I have been swept up to the laziness of summer. *Smiles* I do have goals I want to do before the end of July. We will see. ;)