Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Slowing Summer: Day Two

The next thing that came to mind after this idea of abundance was a song we sing at church: Sovereign Grace Music - Great One in Three.

Look at the lyrics for the 3rd verse:

"Come, Holy Comforter, give grace to weary hearts
Bring back the wanderer, drive away the dark
You're the summer of our souls
You're the fountain of our hope
Our assurance here below
 Spirit of the Son."

I'd love to break this apart and look at it over the next few days - today let's look at that first line: Come, Holy Comforter, give grace to weary hearts..."

What does it mean to call Him our Holy Comforter? This implies that we need comforting! First, think of the word holy  - He is not only a comforter but our holy comforter! Process your thoughts about that here.

How is your heart weary right now? An abundance of Spring activities and calendar commitments can leave us feeling worn out.

Read Psalm 68:9 - how does it comfort you to know He refreshes the weary?

Ask our Holy Comforter for His grace to your weary heart.

Look up 1 Peter 1:2 and 2 Peter 1:2 - the same phrase is repeated in both places:

"________________ and ___________________ be yours in abundance..."

How does that settle in your heart? What would a summer full of His abundant grace and peace look like or mean to you?


Spread out a quilt - think of how it comforts. Have a picnic, tea party, snack, reading time, look at the clouds, just sit quietly, lay down and look at the sky - enjoy some slow time thinking about your Holy Comforter and His grace to your weary heart.

Print a copy of today's Slowing Summer here.

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