Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Slowing Summer: Day Three

Start today by praying through the words we looked at yesterday, "Come, Holy Comforter, give grace to weary hearts..."

Now let's look at the next line -

"Bring back the wanderer, drive away the dark..."

In what ways have I wandered? Ask God to restore and bring me back to where He wants me.

Think of the story of the Prodigal Son, I love the generous way he is welcomed back home regardless of the ways he has wandered. {Refresh your memory if desired in Luke 15:11-32.}

Driving away the dark - what can accomplish that? Only light. He is light! See John 1:1-9. To me, this is one of the most abundant things about summer - light!

We have the most daylight of the year! We wear light and airy things to keep cool, we enjoy light and fresh fruits and veggies and even our schedules are lighter. I think of campfires, candles, patio lights, glow sticks, fireworks and more.

What darkness needs driven away in your life?

What are the areas that need more light?

Read Psalm 36:5-9. We see the words light and abundance here - what stands out to you?

Read Psalm 119:105 - let His Word light your way!


Enjoy light today: have a fire and roast s'mores, read outside, enjoy glowsticks, watch the sun rise or set, take a picture of the same spot through the day as the light changes.

Print a copy of Slowing Summer: Day Three here.

** Song referenced in this study is Great One in Three by Sovereign Grace Music

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Monica. The morning was starting
rough and I was feeling stymied. This has
helped me a great deal! Thank you Father
for you Truth! Bee