Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mountain Scenery

Alternate title: down the slow lane. Summer camp is up in the mountains and involves several miles on a dirt road. I pulled over I don't know how many times just so I wouldn't feel like I was in a rush on the washboard bumps and could enjoy seeing all the beautiful wildflowers, have my windows down and smell the glorious air and just take it all in.

Between drop-off, pick-up and parents day, I was up the mountain three times and down three times - lots of opportunity to see these amazing views! This is one of my favorite things about our kids going to camp - me getting to drive up there! These photos were taken three different days on the same roads ... all of these are just from the side of the road, not off the beaten path - isn't it amazing what beauty can be found just along the roads?! It is one of my favorite things as I'm driving to see the beauty all around me!

And I enjoyed seeing how much is growing back several years after the fire now, the burned trees are still there but the new trees are now 5-6 feet tall all around the bottoms, new life!

Enjoy a little mini vacation through these photos today!



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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Colorado scenery! Thanks for sharing. Love you, Grandma