Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Our campers had another fun week at Eagle Lake Camp! By the way, I'm noticing in this photo that three of us have our feet/legs cross - family trait anyone?!

Here are a few photos of camp and I also took some lovely mountain scenery photos on the way to and from camp - since I had three opportunities to drive up/back that week!

I'm so thankful that they can have these wonderful memories and times in God's amazing creation and learning more about Him!


Mom said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, crossing legs like this is a family trait! My Granny used to do it, and I think of her every time I catch myself doing it. :)

So glad the kids could go to camp again this year, and I'm thankful I could go along for one of your trips up there! It's a beautiful place!

*carrie* said...

Love the pix! So cute that Samuel bought a hammock for a souvenir. Perfect that Rachel was in the Magnolia cabin. =) Glad they had a good time!