Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Slow Day

Fun day together filled with sweet and slow moments:
* Traditional Breakfast Hunt! Grammie hides components to breakfast and the search begins!
* Walking with Pepaw.
* Adorable paints my Mom had!
* Picnic lunch in the backyard.
* Village Inn for free pie Wednesday: my Dad and a friend of his go almost every Wednesday and our kids have heard so much about it, we made our own memory and had free pie too!
* Nature time.
* Hamburgers grilled out + after dinner game and then Parent Trap!


*carrie* said...

The painted rocks! So sweet . . .

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Beautiful sweet treasured moments.

Tina said...

That looks like an ideal day to me! You got a lot of great pictures and those paints are so adorable! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Ginger said...

Good to see your dad felt well enough to be out and about