Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Health: Sore Throat Helps

Several years ago, I had strep throat three times in a short two month time period. Throat ailments have always been the thing that I will catch and that will knock me out a couple of times per year.

After this intense Spring, I was getting desperate for a better solution. First of all, it was miserable but it was taking me out of commission for a couple of days each time and I was really needing some resolution. I did go to the doctor, but I prefer not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and honestly I was looking for more of a solution rather than treatment.

That summer I went to an Essential Oils info meeting and that began a journey to discovering a number of things that have helped me care for my throat and to attack symptoms before they are fully onset.

In hopes that this may help someone else, here is a list of things that has helped me in managing my sore throat issues. Whenever I feel something coming on, I start multiple of these things and I've never had a full blown sore throat that kept me in bed since. Yes, I will feel run down or like I'm fighting something but not to the degree I'd had before.

Again, just a reminder that I am not a doctor! Just sharing what has helped me.

* Oregano Oil: I put this on the bottom of my feet along with Thieves, On Guard or whatever you may call it based on what brand you prefer. Typically when fighting something off, I will do this three times a day.

* Lemon Oil: this is very soothing when my throat is scratchy or starting to get sore. I mix it with almond oil and rub directly on the outside of my throat. To avoid having to mix it each time, I keep a small EO bottle that is already mixed and I just use as needed.

* Thieves Oil/On Guard: this versatile oil blend is sold under a variety of names depending on which brand you purchase from. I found a recipe for making my own several years ago and that is what I've done ever since. Because it is a proprietary blend though, I don't feel that I can post the recipe online publicly. I'm happy to share it via email if you are interested. I like to diffuse this and put it on my feet.

* Ginger Lemon tea: steeping pieces of ginger root and then stirring in lemon and honey makes a delightful tea. I drink it even when I'm feeling fine! I have enjoyed it so much that I keep the ginger/lemon/honey concentrate in  my freezer and just thaw out one portion when I want tea so that I don't have to keep fresh lemons and ginger on hand and accidentally let them spoil.

* Elderberry Syrup: perfect for helping with feeling run down, when I feel like I'm fighting something, I take it three times a day.

* Throat Coat tea:  this has been a great discovery too - Traditional Medicinals makes a variety of herbal teas for various symptoms. So far, I've only tried this one and love it! I steep mine with a peppermint tea bag also for ten minutes. Then stir in 1 Tbsp. honey and sip. Lovely!

What are your favorite all-natural throat care remedies?

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Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

thank you for sharing. I put the tea in my cart on Amazon. I have fought respiratory issues for years and am learning to try new things with oils. I sent you an email.

Leanne said...

we were SO SICK the last couple of weeks... we did a lot of tea... and I've heard several times if you have any kind of throat/sinus issues you should avoid milk. Whenever my kids get sick with a cough and congestion issues, we takes away milk and milk based drinks and cheese.. it always helps!

*carrie* said...

Great ideas, Monica. I do many of those same things as you know. Lemon in various forms is usually my go-to. I bought oregano EO last year but haven't really used it.

I also like Emergen-C. That brand of tea sells a seasonal sampler pack with 4 different kinds and I like that so I can "tailor" to my need at the time.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Debbiedee: I did not get an email from you! Please check that it was sent to thehomespunheart (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I thank the Lord for these natural remedies that work and can keep us from needing medicines! I too only like to take things when absolutely needed. My go to for sore throats (it's worked for strep as well) is apple cider vinegar with the mother. I either make a hot "tea" with water, acv, honey, ginger and a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper. This has done the trick many times! If it's progressing, I mix acv with salt and cayenne and gargle it. It's not very pleasant but it stops it! We also love love love thieves. We use the spray for sore throats or gargle the mouthwash.

I haven't tried the fresh ginger/lemon tea in years. I will have to try again. Thanks for the tips!

Amanda Heebner

Misty in Alaska said...

So great to hear these ideas, Monica!

I also love a tea from Traditional Medicinals called Gypsy Cold Care, I steep it for 15 minutes then add 1 Tbsp of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 Tbsp of honey. So yummy but the vinegar does have to grow on you.

Another EO company I've been using and really loving is Rocky Mountain Oils. I know lots of research has been done on them and they are great and you can order directly from them and I even get free shipping up here in Alaska. And they just came out with a cleaning concentrate like the OnGuard one I've been using. I'm super excited to try that...more for my money :)

Wishing you wellness the rest of the winter season :) We just got a nice, fresh coat of snow up here today.

Mom said...

Timely post! I have successfully used Thieves and lavender oils, but added oregano to my list. I also use Emergen-C. Carrie sent me a Throat Coat tea bag to try (which I haven't yet).

Nancy at EmbroideryIt.com said...

Hi Monica,
I would love your recipe for Thieves or On Guard. I am a big believer in essential oils. My favorite go-to source is Plant Therapy for my oils and one of my favorite oils is Frankincense. Thank you for being so generous in offering to send your recipe.