Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Morning Candlelight

I got up early on Emily's birthday to make the requested coffee cake for her special breakfast and got such enjoyment out of lighting candles in the early morning quiet. It was a CC morning and we usually only ever have cereal on those mornings so it just felt special to have something homemade!

I love times like this when something just opens my eyes to how special and wonderful our home really is. You know what I mean? Frequently it is so easy to see the messes and all the things I didn't get done so those moments are all the more special and encouraging.

I whisked together the coffee cake almost in the dark and found it strangely comforting and so peaceful. I love a dim morning house!


Pam said...

Your house looks SO cozy and inviting in the early morning. And a delicious birthday breakfast~ so special!

Mary Ann said...

So pretty! Happy birthday to Emily!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

It look so beautiful and cozy. I lit some candles a few weeks back in the early morning and it really was serene.