Monday, November 06, 2017

All the cozy things!

 Soaking up all the cozy bits I can lately - efforts to enjoy the season {weather, parenting, etc.} even though it is sweeping me along at an alarming rate.

 A sunflower and zinnias from our yard - such happiness. Plus just life clutter. 

 I have not bought a front door mat for our house {with the exception of a Christmas mat} since we moved in which has been {cough, cough} 14 years ago. I found this one at Wal-Mart and it cheerfully greets me when we get home! And: stripey socks for the win plus extra joy that it was cool enough to wear them!

 Hard days find little beauties in them like love notes on Math pages. 

 Piping mud to make macaroons - perhaps we have been enjoying British Baking Show a little lately?! The finales leave me a little teary every.single.time.

 Playing a board game outside!

  More macaroons - see above.

After being gone one evening to a meeting, I had this sweet owl family to greet me when I got home. Adorbs.

One of my most recent favorite meals: burrito bowls. Sort of like a salad bar but for Mexican: grilled chicken, rice, black beans, cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, salsa, chips. YUM. 

The girls peeled a ton of crayons and decided to make their own crayon "cookies" - it made a mess and ruined a muffin pan but it made happy memories and I can't be upset about that.

First outdoor fire of the season!

Caramel apple by the fire! I have decided that caramel apples are not worth my energy right now - so I bought this one at the grocery store and it was just as good.

Rachel drew this picture of Scout while enjoying the fire! SO cute!

This guy was also busy drawing!

Scout was so timid around the fire - so afraid of it! We want him to get a little used to it so he will go camping with us eventually. Newsflash: this isn't exactly roughing it, dog! :)

Fading light and sun streaking through trees.

 We ended up doing Mad Libs together around the fire and it was funny and also fun to laugh together!

Fire can be surprisingly peaceful and calming.

Clearance paper goods and eating on the porch before carving pumpkins.

Left to right: Emily wanted a hedgehog {I'm kinda proud of my carving skills on that! But I did use a print out to trace that outline!} and a heart, Samuel wanted a Clemson tiger paw and Rachel carved her own freehand this year - a fairy house with all sizes and shapes of doors and windows all the way around! Due to cooler weather, our pumpkins lasted an entire week which is so rare here - usually we get about two days out of them!

Pumpkin french toast - a yummy Fall breakfast. Does food say I love you? This kind of food does!

I found these dishes out thrifting recently. I looked them up and they are over 100 years old. Ironstone from England - I have so enjoyed using them already! And only $8 for all these pieces {13 plates plus cream/sugar}

Someone may be just a teeny bit spoiled ;)


Tina Leigh said...

I love everything about this post.

Mary Ann said...

This all looks so cozy and fun! Scout reminds me so much of Willie! And I especially love that he has his own personal chair. So cute!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Sweet and cozy. Love the door mat. What a steal on the dishes.

*carrie* said...

Cute rug!
Burrito bowls are the best!

Ha, Miller loves comfy spots, too. This morning, I left the room and came back to find that he'd jumped into the full laundry basket!

We enjoyed those cute plates/napkins--thanks!

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Very cozy!

Mom said...

Love, love, love!!!