Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pockets of Slow

This Fall, it has felt like I am becoming a student of slow all over again. I'm realizing how little I know about slowing and how difficult it really is to slow. During this season, I'm trying to look for pockets of slow. When school work lingers on throughout the day, house work doesn't get done, and another day is gone before I know it - I wonder how to find slow and how to make time for it and still be diligent in school and home work.

Reminding myself that slow doesn't have to be, and really can't be, all day every day. Even if we don't get to have a slow day for the entire day - can we have a slow breakfast, enjoy a little quiet during the afternoon or evening, or enjoy the lingering beauty of a Sunday afternoon. Like so many things, it comes down to adjusting my expectations.

Our table surfaces are frequently spread with the life clutter that comes from school age children and daily tasks to be accomplished.

It makes me all the happier for little beauties like a sunflower bloom, grocery store pumpkin, hearing the birds chatter and feel the Fall breeze.

And I appreciate the slow moments we have more than ever, they are still worth prioritizing and making choices that allow those times to happen and be part of our home and family.

How do you find ways of prioritizing little moments of slow, quiet, beauty that refresh your days?


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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I truly believe that SLOWING is a must and the Lord desires for is to. But I felt at one point that I was making it almost an idol. That may sound funny. But I was desiring it so much and focusing on it so much I would get so out of bent out of shape when life would throw curves. Last year I discovered that I would have to take pockets of time as well. I aim to make sure one day has a flow of slow at some point of the week. It may not be the ideal type of day I want but it works out in the end. I also make sure that some time through the day I have something I do that refreshes me in this. It may be coloring a page, taking a picture, sitting in a chair doing NOTHING, it may be making cinnamon rolls for the kids and slowing a little in the morning.

Leanne said...

I love all the pictures :-)
could you do a post about favorite Christian historical authors? or just jot me an email...I need some new reading and stories to follow!!

Mom said...

Glad you can enjoy these "pockets of slow!" :) Sort of like housework done imperfectly still blesses your family, pockets of slow are better than no slow!!