Monday, July 31, 2017

Home Week Day 1

Good morning friends! This week I want to share photos from our recent camping trip! Because I'm a little behind on posts here on my blog - I'm going to combine these photos with a week of staying home thoughts. Sort of like the old Make Your Home a Haven idea. I originally thought I'd do a week with printables and fun challenges for each day but that didn't happen! {see update below!}

After we'd been gone camping, I was looking forward to a week at home without a lot of extra outside things planned. Staying home and focusing on some projects, my heart and such was just what I know I needed! It didn't end up being as slow and peaceful {or productive!} as I'd imagined but isn't that real life?

My hope is that the photos will be a place of calm, like a little virtual vacation to a peaceful place! And I'll share some Scripture and things to consider as we prepare our hearts for the back-to-school pace coming up. There is a little anxiety about all of that in my heart so I know I needed some time with the Lord about this. And after a whole week I'm not done - it will continue into next week as well.

For today, I'll leave you with a list of questions that I wrote down. These are things I want to process in my quiet time before we get going again on our school-year schedule. What would you add?

* What do I need to accomplish in my home before school starts? How can I divide those things up over the next week or two? What can I let go of?

* How can/should I be preparing my heart for the upcoming school year?

* What does my family need before our schedule picks back up?

* What do I need?

* How can I prepare for school organization or practical needs?

* What projects need our attention short-term?

I only got through one of these questions during my first day quiet time. Take it slow. Ok, I still wanted to do a printable! You can print a list of these questions here after all!

PS: This song has basically been in my head all summer!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sister Week Finale

On our way to the airport, we had fun taking one last outing together! This is a place I've wanted to go for a while and although was tremendously hot, we survived and enjoyed it too! I learned some interesting things about tea!

We listened to the suggestion of our tour guide and stopped at Angel Oak on the way out - this tree is enormous!!!!! Crazy to believe it is so big and spread out!

It was such a fun week spent together!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sister Week Part 4

This day was much more low key and spent more at home! We tried out our new-to-us juicer. YUM! I know almost nothing about juicing but am intrigued and want to learn more. Tell me your favorite tips.

I love how intentional our family is and not just my immediate family. Making a list of things we hope to do together helps us to stay on track and make sure that we get to do as many of the things as possible that we had hoped to do. Otherwise it can be so easy to forget or get distracted by something else. I think that Carrie and I were very intentional with our time together and I feel happy that we made the most of it!

Last evening sunset outing - never disappoints: