Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sister Week Part 4

This day was much more low key and spent more at home! We tried out our new-to-us juicer. YUM! I know almost nothing about juicing but am intrigued and want to learn more. Tell me your favorite tips.

I love how intentional our family is and not just my immediate family. Making a list of things we hope to do together helps us to stay on track and make sure that we get to do as many of the things as possible that we had hoped to do. Otherwise it can be so easy to forget or get distracted by something else. I think that Carrie and I were very intentional with our time together and I feel happy that we made the most of it!

Last evening sunset outing - never disappoints:


Unknown said...

So beautiful! Christina gomez

Mary Ann said...

I love that you had such a wonderful time with your sister. I know you both enjoyed it. The pictures are beautiful.

I don't know anything about juicing so can't help you there. I have given juicing a bit of thought with our current health crisis but am hesitant to add another appliance at this point. ;-)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a special week.

*carrie* said...

We DID make the most of the time--it was wonderful!