Friday, June 09, 2017

Summer Sunday

After church on Sunday, we came home to pack a picnic, change our clothes and head into the mountains! All three kids had a date at Eagle Lake camp!

We've kind of started a tradition of going for a picnic and play before heading up to camp registration. It was a beautiful Colorado day and perfect for being outside.

What simple beauty do you have planned for this weekend?


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful pictures!

As for simple beauty this weekend...found out a couple days ago that some family members are coming to visit next week. So...getting the office cleaned up and turned into a second guest room is in order! It will be beauty once it's done! ;-)

That said, I plan to take time to relax and enjoy too!

Ginger said...

I am taking Dad to his mother's family reunion on Saturday, so I am baking salted caramel cupcakes for that today. Every Sunday I go to my parents' house and cook a Sunday mid-day meal for them. They live in the same house they bought in 1964 and have lived in since 1967 when Dad retired from the Air Force, so there are many memories there. After we eat, they will nap in their chairs in the living room, and I will retreat to a back bedroom where it is quiet and do the same.