Monday, June 12, 2017

Slowing Summer

With all three of my children at camp for a week - the recipe for us adults at home was to rest and refresh!

Day one started with a lovely time on the porch, a quilt on my lap, watching the sun come up through the trees and flowers and eating on family china that is about one hundred years old. Leftovers are elevated to special memory status when served al fresco!

Simple pleasures today:
- sunlight through flower petals
- water droplets dangling on unopened blooms
- warmth of the sun and a lap quilt
- staying in my jammies

- variety of blooms
- magic of sunlight
- eating outside
- rubbing the lavender leaves and breathing deep their scent

- living, growing things
- birds playing in the gutters
- birdsong
- journaling
- Bread of Life, the Word
- reading a good book

- fresh morning air
- varied colors in Creation

- a $1 yard sale skirt
- a free yard sale bracelet
- taking pictures in the alley
- buying peonies, stock and chocolate at Trader Joe's
- blue canning jars
- antiquing with my Mom
- the smell of peonies

- writing notes of thanks
- a delightful cookbook
- watching and singing along with Phantom
- a hamburger cooked on the grill by my Dad
- dinners at home

Let's make it a summer of finding small simple delights! Tell me some of yours today!

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I enjoyed this so much. Love the pictures. This has challenged me to slow and find delights in my day today. Right of my delights... Cozying on my couch with a fresh clean blanket.

Mom said...

I've loved sharing these simple summer delights with you!! :)

*carrie* said...

Lovely. I'm enjoying my cool early morning walks and the cool fresh air.

Anonymous said...

- listening to children's laughter as they play in the pool

- green leaves everywhere

- seeing a squirrel make it safely across a busy 4-lane road

- finding empty mouse traps

- a 2-hour evening nap

- a cool summer evening