Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Slow Day

Pancakes for breakfast on a lovely farmy platter that our CC moms gave me at the end of the year!
Working on our bills for Teen Pact - I'm sharing more tomorrow about this!
Watching the Bible Bee - we have been enjoying this weekly show that airs on Facebook.
Planning, prepping tons of food because a. my children are suddenly ravenous all.the.time., b. we had two long days out of the house last week and I wanted to be prepared with food to take with us that was easy to pack and yummy and c. it fits my grocery budget! Shown here - we had scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner. I made pizza muffins for lunch the next day and pumpkin cookies {a variation of the carrot cake cookies}; homemade cream soup for using with my Crock Pot recipe and skinny scones for breakfast two days later.

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