Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Field Tripping!

When CC finishes each Spring, our school load lightens and we have some marginal time to take field trips! We went to a fun place called Bee City - each of our children poured their own honey bear, made a shaped item out of beeswax, learned about bees, and saw lots of fun animals. It was a fun day!


Ginger said...

Bee City near Cottageville! I took my son when he was small. I didn't know it was still there.

*carrie* said...

Sounds like a neat place. Glad you had fun!

Love seeing that shirt being worn in SC. =)

Mom said...

Fun!! This looks like a great place - how interesting that the birds are not afraid to gather around people! Emily posing as a scarecrow is cute and funny. :) Glad to see the smiles on all three faces!