Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Orchard Picnic

One of my very favorite things about going apple picking is enjoying a slow leisurely and beautiful picnic! I love seeing apples in their baskets and the striking colors of the ripe fruit against the mossy carpet of the ground or the blue of the sky. And, celebrating our day with a picnic is always welcome in my book!

I deliberately made an effort to keep my supplies minimal and simple to transport and carry out. Here are a few fun simple ideas:

- bring a piece of fabric or a simple tablecloth: you can instantly dress up your table with a sheet or tablecloth!

- cute paper goods: typically I love bringing real dishes on a picnic, but tucking a few cute paper goods in can dress up your table quickly and with less clean up and effort. In this case, I brought paper plates, napkins and fun straws.

- a few decorative items: bringing a produce basket, thrifted vintage jello tins and a tiered display server instantly added a lot of character to our picnic without carting a lot of extra items.

- use food as your decor: tucking apples into each jello tin and simply using our food as decoration made for very quick and easy table setting! Donuts and apple cider slushes were purchased from the orchard and added to quiche scones wrapped up at home in wax paper bags and tied with tags found on the Target Dollar Spot several weeks ago. Sliced apples are equal parts yummy, fresh off the tree and pretty on the table!

I recently enjoyed watching season one of Poldark and enjoyed watching one of the characters bring such beauty to the home she worked in - making beautiful bread and food, baking scones and sharing with those in need, caring for the sick and picking flowers for her home. Oh, how I love observing that and especially doing it myself!


Unknown said...

I just love everything, and how you make it beautiful for your kiddos. You are inspiring!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love how such simple things can bring so much beauty. One does not have to spend so much money and just use the things around us that God has blessed us all with. I am cohosting a women's gathering at our church Monday and the centerpieces are going to be mason jars filled with flowers from our ditches on wood slices that DH cut 2 years ago when our oldest got married and I used for the rehearsal supper.

thank you for sharing the link to the scones. With the cooler weather, we love scones and biscuits with soups and this sounds like a perfect one to try.

*carrie* said...

Looks lovely, and my mouth is watering for one of those donuts!

Do you think I would like Poldark?

Tina Leigh said...

Beautiful! We are counting down for our trip next week. I've decided I'm going to bring back a one year supply of Apple Cider Donuts home & freeze them! Lol! My Mama is going with us & she is scared she won't have a seat on the return trip.
We shall see! Lol