Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Nail Colors

While I almost always keep my toenails painted, I have rarely painted my fingernails because they chip so easily. Lately though, I've been enjoying keeping my nails painted and pairing with clear base and top coats to make it last a lot longer.

I realized that I have several favorites right now for Fall and thought it would be fun to share!

From the left:

Champers from Butter of London: I have seen a sweet friend wear this color several times and loved it! This one is a splurge - I found mine on Amazon. {maybe with an Amazon gift card - treat yourself?!}

Black to Black, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: on my second bottle of this! I love black nail polish in Fall/Winter!

Grease Lightning, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: this nail enamel is my new favorite! It goes on thick which lasts longer and looks smoother. I noticed dark gray nails in a magazine photo one day and saw how pretty they looked for Fall - you can see a peek of mine in our family photo here.

Sugar Plum, Revlon Top Speed: this is a great plum color that I actually love more than just in the Fall. It is a great toe color all year!

What are your favorite Fall nail colors?!


Unknown said...


Shelby said...

Love all of those colors, love the black and the new color you posted. I also went out on a limb and purchased an orange color which I really kind of like:)

Jen said...

Sally Hansen Insta Dry is my MOST Favorite brand of nail polish! I love the brush and I think it's lasts forever! I, too, have been drawn to the jewel tones for fall. I have that same black and dark blue that you have! :-)

angie said...

I choose nail polish colors based on the names and the type of brush included. I think that it is Revlon that has the nicest brush. I mostly have grays and browns, and my toes have been Commander in Chic for forever! This summer, I bought an orange to wear to a wedding.

Lauren K. said...

Sally Hansen is my current favorite because it dries so quick. In the fall I love plum, pumpkin/copper, and I want to try a navy or black. I always paint my toes but feel weird about my fingers matching my outfit. If I had paintedy fingernails copper and wanted to wear a hot pink top I worry it would look tacky. Does anyone else fret over this ? Lol

laura said...